10 CARS Characters In Real Life


“Cars” is a popular Disney franchise with some of the most recognizable characters. The first “Cars” movie hit the big screens in 2006 and eleven years later, we are able to see Lightning McQueen, Mater, Doc Hudson, Luigi, Sally Carrera, Mack, and others again. Check out these 10 “Cars” characters in real life!

Let’s start with the star of the show. Lightning McQueen is voiced by Owen Wilson, one of the most famous Hollywood actors. Did you know that Lightning McQueen is actually a unique design done by Disney? Wait until you see what he looks like in real life!

Sally Carrera, Radiator Springs’ attorney, left fortune and fame to settle down in a small town. She’s also Lightning McQueen’s girlfriend! Sally’s based on a Porsche, and she’s one of the most charming characters out there!

And who can forget about the tow truck Mater who’s fun, loving, and instantly loveable. It’s not hard to spot Mater on a highway - you just need to be on a lookout for a tow truck!

Doc Hudson is a tribute to The Fabulous Hudson Hornet, one of the most popular racecars of its time. Doc is voiced by Paul Newman who also has passion for racecars.