10 Carnage Secrets That The MCU Will Never Show


Carnage has proven to be one of Spider-Man’s deadliest opponents. His introduction into the comic book universe was a game changer. The appearance of Carnage also changes the way a supervillain could be presented. They no longer needed to have motive or understandable intention with their revenge or hate.

Carnage and his most well-known host Cletus Kasady had no underlying motivation. Both were malicious killers who felt no remorse. They killed without reason. They tortured without wanting something in return. They were cold-blooded savages who destroyed because they liked to and because they could. Which is why when Carnage chose Kasady in that jail cell after being left behind by Venom, they made the perfect pair. They have been tormenting Peter Parker ever since.

Since that time, Carnage has amassed a dossier of secrets the Marvel Cinematic Universe is going to keep secret from the fans. With the announcement of the Venom movie, there is a lot of speculation going around. Marvel should be careful. They don’t want it to get out what a savage Carnage is. That it got so bad Spider-Man and Venom had to team up to take him out. His list of abilities is so long they are going to need to hide some of them. They’ll also need to downplay his weakness to loud noises.

What if it got out that Carnage has a connection to Baron Mordo? Also, there have been many incarnations of Carnage over the years. Those two facts would be game changers. We’ve got all those, along with other explosive secrets waiting to be exposed!