10 Boss Baby Scenes Only Adults Will Understand


When it comes to the Dreamworks animated hit, Boss Baby, audiences loved it. But really, what’s not to love about a tiny baby with giant eyes, wearing a tiny business suit and speaking in Alec Baldwin’s voice? Alec Baldwin gives an adorable and slightly/ very Trump like performance. He even tries to wage war against puppies because they are stealing love from babies. Make babies great again, anyone?

Some may say that cartoons are geared towards and made for kids. But like with most animated features, there are moments and scenes directed towards the adults that are dragged over to watch them or that go on their own accord. These moments in Boss Baby that go over the heads of young children are moments like when Tim’s dad asks him how he feels about having a baby brother, and Tim says he’s fine with him being an only child. The moment after, the parents look to the mom’s pregnant belly and smile. Moment for parents who only have multiple kids. There’s a scene where Boss Baby makes a milk bottle martini and another in which Tim drinks a Long Island Iced Tea. The two brother’s go on a psychedelic trip using pacifiers which are apparently like drugs for babies.

There’s even a very quick scene in which Boss Baby spookily flashes a light under his face in the dark and says “I’ve come for your soul”, do kids even get that? One main thing kids won’t get, are all the references to the corporate culture. Especially Boss Baby’s comment about not wearing nautical becuase its not friday, as in casual friday. One main thing, the title ‘Boss Baby’ refers to when a new baby comes into parents lives and completely takes over, becoming their boss.