10 Bloopers Comedy Actors Did On Purpose


There’s a lot of planning that goes in to making a movie. It relies upon cooperation between dozens of different departments, which can sometimes mean hundreds of people. And despite having a daily call sheet that tells everyone where they need to be and when they need to be there, productions can still go off the rails. So when tension is high, it can be nice to have a team of funny people around to lighten the mood. And for a comedian, the best time to crack a joke is when everything’s going wrong. Thankfully, Bridesmaids, Shaun of the Dead, Pirates of the Caribbean, Tommy Boy, Fast & Furious 6, Dumb & Dumber, The Wolf of Wall Street, Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, The Other Guys, and Anchorman had some sneaky jokesters on hand who were waiting to pounce at the right moment. You don’t just hire the likes of Johnny Depp, Will Ferrell, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Jim Carrey because they’re pretty, you do it because they’re hilarious. These are 10 Bloopers Comedy Actors Did On Purpose!