10 Biggest Mistakes In Pixar Movies They Hope You Missed


Pixar Animation Studios is the most successful computer animated movie studio on the planet. A subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company, Pixar has produced sixteen feature films to date - pretty much all of which have been universally acclaimed - and there are another five planned over the course of the next three years.

Pixar can hardly put a foot wrong, and their movies have won countless awards - including multiple Oscars. Their movies genuinely stand up to some of the best non-animated offerings of all time, but they are by no means flawless. Like any other movies, they contain mistakes - some of which are pretty damn hard to spot - and that's what this video's going to be about.

Here are ten shocking Pixar movie mistakes you definitely missed.

Inside Out

The brilliant and unique Inside Out is set inside the mind of a young girl called Riley Andersen, where five personified versions of her emotions attempt to successfully navigate her through life. Right at the start of the movie, when Riley has just been born - in a scene that was used for one of the movie's many TV spots - her mother can clearly be seen to be wearing glasses, but when her mother becomes visible from Riley's own point of view, she suddenly isnt wearing any - and there's really no way she could have removed them in the time between the scenes.


In Ratatouille, there is a scene in which food critic Anton Ego makes a negative remark about Chef August Gusteau, comparing him to Chef Boyardee as an insult. However, although Chef Boyardee as a brand is known for its pre-made canned pasta, the fact is that the real Chef Boyardee - whose real name was Ettore Boiardi - was a top class, world famous chef. He was known for being the head chef at the Plaza Hotel in New York City, and he even catered for president Woodrow Wilson's wedding in 1915. To use a comparison to him as an insult really makes no sense whatsoever.

The Good Dinosaur

The Good Dinosaur takes place on a fictional Earth in which dinosaurs never became extinct, so we can't pick out the usual dinosaur movie mistakes, like how they shouldn't be co-existing with humans or certain animals, but there certainly are plenty of others. One example is when Spot, the young caveboy, finds four other humanlike creatures and approaches them. Arlo, the young Apatosaurus and the movie's main character, is shown using his nose to draw a circle around them in a close-up shot. However, it is clearly shown in other shots that he is standing much too far away from them to be doing it.

Monsters, Inc.

In Monsters, Inc., when the main character Sulley - voiced by John Goodman - runs into the locker room to shove the toys from Boo's room into a locker, it is clearly locker number 193 that he is seen putting them into and slamming with both hands. However, when the camera angle changes, the locker his hands come away from is, bizarrely, number 190, even though his hands absolutely didn't move from one locker to another in between the two shots.

Toy Story 3

In the opening sequence of Toy Story 3, we see Mr. Potato Head in his "One-Eyed Bart" persona - One-Eyed Bart being a nefarious bandit character that Andy often portrays Mr. Potato Head as. Seconds later, Andy's mother walks into his room with a video camera, and Andy even refers to the character as "Bart" while making Woody arrest him. The problem is, when Andy shows Mr. Potato Head to the camera, he clearly and miraculously has two eyes. Not only did the second eye appear out of nowhere, it also makes no sense that Andy would be calling him by the name of a character who's only supposed to have one eye.

Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo - a wonderful movie in which the titular clownfish goes missing - is explicitly set just off the coast of Australia, which means that one character in the movie really shouldn't be in it. That character is Nigel - a brown pelican voiced by Geoffrey Rush. The problem with Nigel is that brown pelicans - Pelecanus occidentalis, to get all technical on you - don't exist in Australia. The only pelicans there are Australian pelicans, otherwise known as Pelecanus conspicillatus. Brown pelicans are only found in the Americas and if, somehow, one of them found its way to Australia - which is incredibly unlikely, if not absolutely impossible - then it would undoubtedly be caught and destroyed, thanks to Australia's extremely strict quarantine laws.