10 Best Movie Clues You Totally Missed


Movie twists are supposed to be surprises, but they have to make sense when considering the overall story. If the plot twist does not make sense, then the movie will have failed to deliver a great and satisfying story. 10 movies with huge endings or plot twists actually reveal clues much earlier than viewers expect. By watching again and seeing these clues, you can have a better idea of how the big twists were set up.

In Back to the Future, Marty McFly alters the timeline of the future with a lot of big and a lot of subtle changes. The first change can be seen just moments after Marty comes back to the future. 21 Jump Street includes a fun mystery about drugs getting distributed in high school, but you can easily figure out the dealer shortly in the film. The whole Reservoir Dogs film is based around a rat in the group. While you may have changed your guess multiple times, it was pretty clear early on that Mr. Orange was the main suspect. Fight Club has a great twist ending, but a little critical thinking and focus on the film reveals that the twist was a little more obvious than most people expect. Nothing was better than the crazy twist ending in The Sixth Sense. When looking back on the movie, all the signs were already there and the twist could have been figured out. Shutter Island has a lot of crazy twists, including a scene where a glass of water really reveals a lot about a character. In the Usual Suspects, the killer reveal was a great moment, but it also included some fun twists along the way. Poor Donny dies in The Big Lebowski, and there one big bowling clue that gave this death away. The Prestige features multiple twist endings with magicians and it became a little easier to figure out if you paid attention to a certain trick. The Dark Knight Rises features a twist that connects the original film Batman Begins, and the signs are there pretty early on. Watch to see the 10 best movie clues you totally missed!