10 Avengers Infinity Wars Theories That Might Come True


While it feels like Avengers: Infinity War release is ten million years from now. It feels like the day is never going to come! Since the release of Iron Man in 2008, we have been working towards this universe colliding moment. Thanks to an interview, we know there are going to be sixty Marvel superheroes in this film. There is a rumor that a potential scene is going to have thirty of those all at once! We can’t even imagine that. We can’t we have our own Eye of Agamotto and jump forward to May 2018 in order to see the movie now?

With months left until the release, we have a lot of time to think about what is going to happen in the Infinity War. The film is going to be a culmination of all of the elements from the independent franchises and the crossovers. Which means we had to go back and rewatch all of the films to refresh. In doing so, we started to see more overlapping story storylines that have potential to be in Infinity Wars.

So of course, we had to come up with a list of what can happen. Like there being two infinity gauntlets. Captain America is going to release himself and someone, like Bucky, will take his place. We believe Tony Is going to go back to wearing the arc reactor in his chest. We also foresee the vision Tony has from Age of Ultron playing out in Infinity War. Which means, there are going to be new Avengers after this film. These are only a few of the mind-blowing theories. Tune in to check them all out!