10 Annoying Disney Plot Holes That Still Make No Sense


Sometimes, a movie ends up with some serious plot holes. It happens, and most of the time we’re willing to overlook them just so that we can enjoy a movie. But a plot hole doesn’t have to ruin the film, and actually can be worth taking a good hard look at. That is why today, we’re taking a look at ten of Disney’s plot holes that still make annoyingly little sense to us.

We’re taking a look at how the people of Arendelle don’t seem to know what they want, as they rally behind Elsa, and cheer when Anna punches Hans, despite not knowing what went on. We also question why Buzz Lightyear freezes like a toy, when he doesn’t believe that he is one.

We also wonder why Ariel is so willing to eat seafood if most of her friends are fish, and why Cinderella’s perfectly fitting glass slipper was able to fall off in the first place. We look at how Disney villains seem to have terrible organisational skills, as Maleficent took sixteen years before she sent out Diablo to look for Aurora, Scar didn’t just kill Simba, and Jafar doesn’t just use his staff to get him the power he desired.

We also wonder why all the acts of heroism Hercules has before the end of the film don’t count, and why the gorillas in Tarzan don’t move after the humans see them.

We also wonder how no-one in Belle’s village noticed their royal family went missing, or their massive castle on their doorstep.