10 Animated Shows That Deserve To Be Made Into Movies


Millions of people get entertainment through animated shows. Whether it’s younger offerings on Nick Junior, the classic days of Saturday morning cartoons, or watching the latest offerings on Adult Swim, animated is able to provide comedy, laughter, and a unique visual style. It’s also great when these shows get a bigger budget and are able to make an adaptation for the big screen. There are several shows we would love to see a movie adaptation of.

Rick & Morty is fairly new, but fans cannot get enough of the antics of a grandfather, his grandson and all their adventures together. Batman Beyond was a great futuristic version of Batman and something we would love to see in movie form. Gravity Falls ended after only two seasons on the Disney Channel and there’s a lot more story to be told from the series. The classic Nicktoons could all combine to make an epic adventure both older and younger fans would love. Family Guy has had multiple television specials, but a feature-length movie could be extremely popular. Star Wars Rebels features great storytelling, vibrant animation, and a mix of the best Star Wars characters. It’s time to see a live-action version of this story come to life. Dreamworks Trollhunters could work as both a feature-length animation or a live-action film. Robot Chicken has spent years created short animations, but it would be great to see a feature-length story lampooning super heroes and other film genres. Bob’s Burgers is one of Fox’s newest hits and fans are clamoring to see their adventures on the big screen. Archer has been on the air for eight seasons and the spy adventures would be perfect for a feature-length film. Watch to see 10 Animated Shows That Deserve to be made into movies.