10 Animated Movies With Surprisingly Racist Undertones


Animated movies are, as a general rule, typically created as innocent, harmless fun for children. However, it's quite a well known fact that some of them are hiding some very dark secrets - and that can, frankly, sometimes include some quite racist content. In this video, we'll run through ten movies that have some seemingly very racist undertones in them (not like, for example, Song of the South, which is CLEARLY very racist). Those include; 2016's Sing having a group of gorilla characters who are like stereotypical black gangsters, Disney's 1937 classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs having an abundance of Eurocentric and racist language in it, 2014's sequel movie Rio 2 having its singing, dancing, comic-relief characters voiced by black and hispanic actors, 2013's Epic having a very stereotypically black character voiced by rapper Pitbull, 2004's Shark Tale having countless racial stereotypes amongst its cast of characters, 2016's Moana being deemed offensive by people in the South Pacific due to its depiction of Polynesian people, 1992's Aladdin depicting Arab characters as being barbaric, the offensively stereotypical Jamaican and African-American characters in 1989's The Little Mermaid, 1994's The Lion King having some offensive racial stereotyping in the form of its hyena characters, and a number of racial inequality and diversity issues in 1970's The AristoCats. We hope you enjoy watching the video - and make sure you let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment in the relevant section below (and make sure you subscribe to our channel to keep up with all our other great videos!).