10 Animated Movies That Stole Their Plots


There has long been a literary theory that there are only seven basic plots, and that does explain why there are so many films with similar stories. Sometimes though, these similarities pass this point, and it becomes pretty reasonable to say that the plots have been stolen, or at the very least heavily inspired by something else. We do think that the word stolen can come across a bit too strong for a few of these, so we’re going to look at it as ‘taken’ and ‘inspired by’, as at Screen Rant we take a look at ten animated films that stole their plots.

Inside Out is currently the focus of a lawsuit, after Denise Daniels claimed they took the idea from a pilot she pitched them based on her characters The Moodsters. That isn’t the only time that Disney has come under fire though, as they also had a lawsuit filed against them for stealing the idea behind Zootopia.

As well as this, we take a look at how Antz and A Bug’s Life came to be due to a lot of competition and sour feeling between Disney and DreamWorks.

We also look at a couple of ‘mockbuster’ movies, like Chop Kick Panda and Tappy Toes, which were produced to get in on the success of Kung Fu Panda and Happy Feet.

There are also a couple of animated movies which took their inspiration from films and comic books aimed at adults, such as Cars, The Incredibles and Wreck-It Ralph, which are inspired by Doc Hollywood, Watchmen, and, would you believe it, Taxi Driver.