10 Animated Movies That Make No Sense Because Of One Detail


Despite the fact that most animated films take place in fantastical situations, they still abide by certain rules set forth by logic and scientific fact. Some of these mistakes we don’t even think about until we actually have them pointed out to us. For instance, did you know that Marlin in Finding Nemo should have actually changed his gender at the beginning of the film? Mind blowing right? There’s more though. Al in Toy Story 2 ended up traveling to Tokyo from the States and back overnight, somehow, while Buzz constantly freezes in the first Toy Story despite the fact that he believes himself to be the real Buzz Lightyear. In Frozen, Hans wants to remove Elsa and Anna from existence to become the new King, only monarchies don’t work that way. In Despicable Me 2, Lucy ends up going to Cinco de Mayo to find Gru despite not ever being privy to that information! Cars was a fun albeit modest film from Pixar’s corner, but did anyone stop and wonder why there are cities and other man made creations if the cars have no hands? Monsters University actually made a plot hole in Monsters Inc that made us question if there’s actually a parallel universe while the Lego Movie’s villains should have had the piece of resistance ages ago thanks to security cameras. Hotel Transylvania 2 establishes that vampires can’t get their photo taken, yet they show up in video footage and in social media posts later in the film. Are they even real vampires??