10 Animated Movie Rip-offs That Actually Exist


When it comes to animation, we know we have our beloved Disney films to refer to. Disney set the bar high for animated films. Although Disney wasn’t the only one making cartoons at the time, he was the one who strived for perfection. There are now several major studios like Dreamworks and Pixar that now animated beautiful stories. However, when it comes to great works of art, they say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery right? What if we told you that there were some filmmakers out there that took that to a whole new level? There’s a market of films that copy our favorite animated films, they’re called mockbusters. You might have seen these in bins at stores or even on Netflix. They look like our favorite cartoons but somethings is amiss.

Like Kung Fu Panda? Why not watch Chop Kick Panda? It’s a short film that rips off our favorite Kung Fu loving panda, Po. How about Tangled Up? It turns out this movie was just bad marketing. It’s not even about Rapunzel, it’s a collection of short stories, but that didn’t stop them from copying the cover art and font on the Tangled DVD. Another film that falsely advertised their movie was Kiara the Brave, originally called Super K. It was changed to cash in on the release of Pixar’s Brave. The Snow Queen also did the same with the release of Frozen. And don’t get us started on A Car’s Life, the blatant rip off of the famous Cars franchise. It seems that for every movie released there is a bad rip off made. Want to know which ones made our list? Be sure to watch our video and find out.