10 Animated Marvel Films We Would Love to See


Beginning with the release of Iron Man in 2008, Marvel ushered in the era of the comic book giant’s cinematic universe. This self referential, shared universe of superheroes and storylines has pulled in a variety of Marvel’s best known franchises, including: Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Guardians of the Galaxy and The Avengers. We’d love to count the X-Men and Fantastic Four in this universe, but you know ... we can’t.

As the cinematic universe expanded, the timelines and interconnected superheros branched into new mediums: television shows, short films, and digital shorts. Here at CBR we noticed that something is still missing. Can you take a guess? No, it's not puppet theater. It’s animated films! Marvel has not pursued theatrical releases of animated films for its multi-verse or even standalone movies. We acknowledge that Marvel has distributed animated films in the past, and has an animated Spider-Man film slated for 2018. Previously released animated films generally were direct-to-video and not rocking the budget, cast or script of say, Civil War.

Why isn’t Marvel making feature-length animated films with the same investment, star power, and zest as their live action franchise? With a massive catalogue superheros, combined with the awesomeness of animation, how are mainstream Marvel animated films not a thing yet?

We are not saying the films have to be slotted into the current universe. Each film could be stand-alones or form entirely new multi-verse. Animation has so much potential for storytelling and style! Get our your paper and crayons, because we are bringing you the 10 animated Marvel movies that need to get made immediately.