10 Animated Kids Movies With Hidden Adult Messages


When people think about animated movies, they usually think of kid-friendly characters, storylines and themes. Well, 2016’s Sausage Party definitely disproved that theory, but it turns out you don’t have to look that far to find some rather adult themes and messages hidden in some of your favorite animated kids movies. Whether we are talking about great recent Disney movies like Zootopia, Frozen or Inside Out OR if we are leaving the mouse house and look at some DreamWorks hits like Shrek or The Boss Baby - one things remains clear: kids movies aren’t just for kids! All of the popular animated kids movies on our list present some types of hidden adult messages, adult jokes or generally mature themes. These movies deal with everything from death to mental disorders to racial profiling and one of the films on our list even has a secret message about Donald Trump! Some fans think that these messages are a new thing, but it turns out that they have been around for quite awhile now if you look back at cinematic hits like Beauty and the Beast and Tarzan. Let us know which one of these adult messages interested you the most and please leave a comment letting us know what other hidden mature themes you’ve spotted in animated kids movies. Here are 10 animated kids movies with adult messages!