10 Animated Disney Villains Too Twisted For Live Action


Ah good ol’ Disney, the stuff our childhoods are made out of right? Disney films taught us to be brave, a good friend, a good sibling, a good person, and to never stop dreaming or believing in magic. We love the magical characters, the happy animals, friends, and of course the beautiful princes and princesses. But these characters’ journeys would be nothing without their trials and tribulations. Many of these struggles were brought forth by the iconic Disney villains. And just as good as Disney is at creating good guys and gals, they are even better at creating some of the most evil and spookiest villains.

The classic and first feature villain in Disney was the Evil Queen in snow white. What makes her so evil? Well for one, she tries to have her step daughter killed because a mirror told her Snow White was the prettiest in all the land. So jealous. When that didn’t work, she tried to poison her. On a similar note, there is Mother Gothel who kidnaps Rapunzel to harness her magic powers and keep herself looking young forever. Vanity makes people do crazy things. Speaking of evil mothers, How about Cinderella’s stepmother Lady Tremaine? She forces her stepdaughter to be a servant and constantly crushes her dreams. On a more twisted side note, there is Chef Skinner in Ratatouille who keeps Linguini’s parentage a secret and tries to ruin the family name. No all evil characters revolve around parentage, some are evil uncles trying to take over your dad’s kingdom, we are looking at you Scar. Want to know who else made the list? Watch our video and find out.