10 Amazing TV Show Easter Eggs You Probably Missed


Movies may get most of the attention when it comes to easter eggs, hidden details, or secret messages from the filmmakers, but they're not alone. It may be harder to spot them in television shows, but make no mistake: the minds behind some of your favorite shows spend just as much time planting secret nods, clues, or details for fans to search for on repeat viewings. Here are 10 Amazing TV Show Easter Eggs You Probably Missed.

The Flash

Comic book easter eggs are doled out every episode, but one rose above all others. In the original comics, the crossover of both Flashes - Barry Allen and Jay Garrick - was teased with iconic cover art featuring both rushing to the rescue. So when both appeared on the TV show, they recreated the moment perfectly - down to the well-placed bricks. And not a single comic fan could have missed it.


The show may be famous for its inside jokes and subtle gags, but one actually took place on another TV show - on another network. When Abed tells Jeff a tragic story about appearing as an extra on Cougar Town, the joke works on its own But if fans actually tuned in to the ABC comedy two months later, they could have seen it happen for themselves.

How I Met Your Mother

The show packed more than a few surprises, but none was more tragic than a character's death in season 6 - a shock to even the cast. But it wasn't as much of a twist for those who spotted the numbers 50 and 49 early in the episode - kicking off a countdown through the entire running time, meant to clue fans in that something big was about to happen. If they didn't catch it the first time, it's hard to miss the second.


The sci-fi series was famous for featuring a mystery "Observer" in the background of every episode, but they also featured clear hints at the next story the team tackled. Like when a bit of graffiti reading "Brain Freeze" hinted at the next episode's villain freezing victims' brains.. which included a book by "S. Pores" - the spores from the next episode - and so on, and so on, you get the idea.

It's Always Sunny

No matter how pointless a secret you bury in your show, someone will find it. Like when the end credits for It's Always Sunny featured three of the cast with initials reversed, and random noises. Someone took the hint and reverses the audio, getting a clear message. But they kept the tradition alive, even though the messages were basically nonsense.


There weren't many appearances from J.D.'s father, played by the late John Ritter, and it's mainly because the actor got a more demanding role on 8 Simple Rules around the same time. Which makes it even better when you realize that J.D.'s flashback scene is actually SET in the living room from that other TV show. It was clearly to save time, but fans have another theory: J.D.'s dad wasn't around because he was actually living with his OTHER family. Tragic.

Game of Thrones

When Arya visits a stage production of King Joffrey's death, fans get to see the events of the show's early seasons re-enacted. But they also get a nod to the future, when the actress playing Cersei claims that "I feel the winds of winter as they lick across the land" If the words ring a bell, they should: it's a tease of George R.R. Martin's next book "The Winds of Winter".

There's another Game of Thrones secret, but be warned: SPOILERS AHEAD. The huge-but-simple servant Hodor became a fan favorite carrying Bran Stark every step of his journey, and he met an end that broke every fan's heart, "holding the door" after helping the boy escape down a massive corridor. It was Hodor's last scene - and it ties back to his first one, when he gets an order in the show's fourth episode. The writers didn't know it at the time, but he would do just that as his last sacrifice.