10 Amazing Superheroes Who Would Be Real Life Psychopaths



What makes some of the best crime fighters so appealing is how they walk that line between hero and antihero. It’s on an extreme side of that line that we find Deadpool, the ultimate antihero. Wade Wilson would probably be the first to admit that he has psychotic tendencies and it’s his gleeful embrace of them that makes Deadpool a different kind of superhero. Quick to fillet a henchman or even dismember himself, Deadpool is one superhero who truly does not give a 


How do you reason with an indestructible rage monster? Well, you can’t. Anytime Bruce Banner loses himself as the Hulk everyone just has to get out of his way and hope he doesn’t do too much damage before calming down. Hulk is the Hyde to Bruce Banner’s Dr. Jekyll, and is only a hero when circumstances allow him to be. It’s really a miracle that he doesn’t leave more innocent people in his wake, or perhaps the comics and movies just kinda gloss over that aspect of the green goliath.


Superheroes are often divided into two camps: those who kill their enemies and those who don’t. While Batman may fall in the latter, he still demonstrates some psychopathic qualities. Traumatized by witnessing the death of his parents, there’s an anger in Bruce Wayne that it seems can only be released by beating up baddies. The more broken bones, the better. He might not go all Deadpool on them, but they need to believe he could. 


As the only superhero with a body count rivalling Deadpool’s and rage rivalling the Hulk’s, Wolverine fits firmly within the ‘kill ‘em’ camp. If you grew up watching the animated X Men series, Wolverine was usually limited to using his claws to rip up robots and other objects to keep it appropriate for the Saturday morning cartoon audience, so it was both refreshing and shocking to see him kill so many members of Stryker’s team in X2. With mutants like Wovlerine, it’s no wonder the government would prefer to keep them in check. 

The Punisher 

The Punisher exists for one reason: revenge. A trained marine whose family was killed by the mob, The Punisher does not care about morality, just what he sees as poetic justice when he straight-up murders thugs. The only reason The Punisher isn’t a villain is the fact that he happened to be crossed by criminals and not The Avengers. 

Hit Girl 

The mafia also should really be more careful about whose family they kill. They created a Kick Ass assassin when they killed the mother of the kid who would become Hit Girl. Trained into a deadly weapon by her father, Hit Girl does not discriminate between blades and bullets when slaying bad guys. Perhaps it’s her young age, but of all the entries on our list, Hit Girl seems to take the most pleasure from her masked vigilante duties, but for some reason when the film came out audiences were much more offended by her naughty language.