10 Amazing Superhero Actors Who HATED Their Costumes



When directors tell origin stories derived from comics, there’s always a montage showing how the main character comes to develop their super-suit. That’s because costume is central to any hero’s identity and how audiences connect with them. Costume designers face an uphill battle right from the start, as fans can be pretty vocal about what they expect. It can also be really hard to engineer an outfit that will withstand the realities of filming. Plus, whatever suit they decide on will forever be enshrined in the superhero lexicon- for better or for worse. No pressure.

But one thing is understood; the costumes will not be comfortable. Every actor lucky enough to wear one knew exactly what they were getting themselves into, but did it anyway. Because opportunities to be super don’t come around everyday.

Ryan Reynolds, The Green Lantern

CGI is a beautiful thing. It makes new worlds spring to life and bring people back from the dead. But when executed poorly, it spoils the whole experience- regardless of who is in front of the camera. Case in point: Hal Jordan’s suit in the 2011 flop The Green Lantern. Computer generated from head to toe, fans lost their minds about how ridiculous it looked. But nobody hated the outfit more than the guy wearing it: Ryan Reynolds. Thankfully, it wasn't the actor’s last time super-suiting up. And came back to the big screen in Deadpool. Which, if you watch closely, takes a few jabs at his past work. The actor has also stated that he’s thankful Deadpool wears a physical suit instead of a CG one: the kids he visits with the Make A Wish Foundation are far more excited to see a real costume than the alternative motion-capture pajamas he wore for the filming of The Green Lantern.

Margot Robbie, Suicide Squad

Fans (and Screen Rant writers!) are all eagerly awaiting the release of Suicide Squad later this summer. With killer teams both in front of the camera and behind it, the movie is sure to be a success. But for actress Margot Robbie, the journey has been a cold one. Playing Harley means wearing the clothes that fit with the iconic character’s personality. And in this case, that means booty shorts, a baseball tee, and some bitchin’ stilettos. The costume is quite striking, especially beside her heavily-clothed cast-mates, but the actress is quick to remind people that there’s a definitive line between where she ends and her character begins. One scene required her to be soaking wet, and when the crew broke for lunch, she ate a burger in her clingy wet costume. If any of us were in her shoes, we’d feel self-conscious too.

Chadwick Boseman, Captain America: Civil War

Audiences have been waiting a long, long time for Black Panther to show up on the big screen. So when it finally happened earlier this year in the super-anticipated Captain America: Civil War, fans got excited. Brought to life by Chadwick Boseman, the character’s suit keeps the actor completely contained within. And considering the movie was filmed over a pretty hot summer, it wasn’t very comfortable. The outfit is made of many intricately detailed pieces, and Boseman admits he was pretty concerned about accidentally scratching any one of them and making more work for the costume department. But that’s something he’s going to have to get over, and pretty quickly too, since a Black Panther solo movie has been greenlit for a 2018 release. Plus, now that he’s been introduced to the Marvel cinematic universe, there’s no telling how many movies he’ll show up in. Despite all this, Boseman has stated time and time again that he feels honored to be part of the team.

Olivia Munn, X-Men: Apocalypse

Olivia Munn has been orbiting the comic scene for years, since her days hosting G4’s Attack Of The Show. And she’s come a long way since, even landing herself the role of Psylocke in the latest X-Men installment, Apocalypse. Munn’s passion for the source material and her love of the character are what she would focus on every day while both her and her costume were being covered in lubricant so it wouldn’t rip. The character’s look has come under attack recently for being too revealing, while others applaud its authenticity. The actress has mentioned the outfit was uncomfortable and ripped in some pretty awkward places. But for her, the character’s appeal lies in who she is, not what she wears. And besides, Psylocke didn't even choose that outfit, Apocalypse did.