10 Amazing Movies That Would Be Almost Impossible To Make Sequels Of


Sequels to films have a long history of being absolutely horrendous, terribly good, and/or better than the original. With the summer season approaching you are bound to encounter a slew of sequels good and bad. But if you are expecting to see one of your favorite movies get a reboot you are in for a surprise. Today we are going to share with you 10 Amazing Movies That Would Be Almost Impossible To Make Sequels Of. Departed 2 is a film you are never going to see partly because Scorsese is just too damn busy and partly because Warner Bros. doesn’t want to spend the money. True Lies 2 well also never be made because James Cameron has no desire to make terrorist films ever again since September 2001. Roger Rabbit 2 will never be made because the film is too dark and sexy for Disney’s clean cut image they like to portray. Wanna see Deliverance 2? Not happening. The film is flat out too insane for any studio to green light it. Gone With The Wind 2 is something no one will ever see because its writer never wanted a sequel to be made stating it was too perfect and now that she has passed and left in her will never to make a sequel that dream has faded. Good Will Hunting 2 is a no go. Damon and Affleck have no desire to write it. Casablanca 2 is an insane idea because no one wants to mess with a masterpiece. What could you image Titanic 2 being called? Nolan and the cast of Inception will never work towards making a sequel. Kristen Wiig refuses to write sequels so cross Bridesmaid 2 off your list. What a shame about these films. Maybe one day the impossible will happen. Until then don’t hold your breath.