10 Amazing Details Hidden In Movie Credits


Harry Potter

The Marauder's Map came in handy to help Harry and his friends track students and teachers in real time, but the magical map was also home to the most well-hidden gag in the series. The movie's credits follow dozens of footprints throughout the school, including two pairs that seem to be getting romantic. Some people claimed it was too adult for a kids movie, but the animator claims he really only meant it as a childhood kiss, explaining the movement. We'll let you decide.


The dark future of Robocop got even darker when a good cop was slaughtered and rebuilt as more machine than man, but the homicidal robots he had to fight were even scarier. That's what the filmmakers were counting on, too. When the final copyright notices scrolled by in the credits, they packed an added promise: that ignoring the notices "may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution by enforcement droids." No evidence that they ever made good on the threat, though.


No matter how crazy, unbelievable, or impossible a movie may be, studios usually cover by warning audiences that nobody was hurt during filming, or that incredible stunts were carried out by professionals. For Disney's Frozen, the studio decided to distance itself from a controversial claim instead, confirming that the outrageous claim made by Kristoff doesn't represent the opinions of the studio.

Mission: Impossible 3

Before J.J. Abrams was rebooting Star Trek, Star Wars, and bringing a new spin to the Mission: Impossible series, he helped create the TV sensation LOST. Knowing how much fans of the TV show loved a good conspiracy, he made sure to thank The Hanso Foundation - the company behind the mysterious DHARMA Project - in the end credits.

Finding Nemo

Fans of Pixar's movies know that the animators love to plant easter eggs and well-hidden cameos from other characters - but they're not always so secretive. Most young audiences probably left the theater when the credits on Finding Nemo started rolling, but if they had stayed put, they would have caught an unexplained appearance from a swimming Mike Wazowski, the star of the studio's previous movie Monsters, Inc.

Pulp Fiction

Quentin Tarantino has shown how strange his sense of humor can be, so when the victim of an armed robbery has his line cut short in the movie's closing act, he didn't miss a beat. The actor was supposed to say "I'm just a coffee shop manager," but was cut off. The director decided to go with the line he really did say, crediting the actor as "Coffee Shop" in the final credits.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Long before CG effects spread across Hollywood, movies had to rely on actual animals - which led to a guarantee in the credits that "no animals were harmed" while making the movie. Even though they were more fantasy than fact, the makers of Guardians of the Galaxy still decided they should let fans know: "no raccoons or tree creatures were harmed," either.