10 Adult Jokes You Never Caught In Marvel Movies


Who doesn’t love a good grown up joke? And we’re not necessarily talking about rude jokes here. We’re talking about any sort of gag that is inappropriate for children. It happens all the time in family friendly movies, and despite being based on fairly dark source material, most Marvel movies are aimed at kids. So whether it’s risqué or just plain dark – we’ve compiled a list of 10 Adult Jokes That You Never Caught in Marvel Movies.

Why Marvel movies? Because comic books are pretty dark, and often aren’t intended for kids. So it stands to reason that though far more light hearted, the Marvel movies keep some of this attitude. Joss Whedon, writer of both comics and movies, has made sure to include lots of old, and sometimes inappropriate references in both the Avengers and it’s sequel Age of Ultron. Guillermo Del Toro satirises An Interview with A Vampire in Blade II, and some other directors just want to go for cheap gags like in Spider-Man and Ant-Man.

Fox’s X-Men franchise are even more prone to it, because Deadpool even goes as far as to reference a particularly dark Monty Python sketch.

So whether it’s Iron Man proving that Captain America is a better role model than him, or Peter Quillin making sure that we know how gross he is, or even a joke in Howard the Duck so awful that it makes us want a reboot to forget about it– we want to talk about it today in this video.