10 Actors Who Were In Movies That Competed Against Each Other


Usually when two movies come out at the same time, you can bet that they were produced at the same time. As a result, it’s not very often you see actors in movies that play opposite each other. However, despite that sometimes actors do end up playing against themselves. Sometimes when you get a really good actor, those same two movies that competed for box office revenue will compete against each other for awards. Actors like Zoe Saldana have already experienced this, such as her movies Star Trek, and Avatar which competed side by side in 2009. Other actors like Chris Pratt will be experiencing this very soon, as Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom and Avengers Infinity War are set to release the same year.

Amy Adams had a great 2016, appearing in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, earning a massive pay day. She also appeared in the critically acclaimed Arrival and Nocturnal Animals, which combined saw her nominated for many awards. Tom Hardy had a similarly great year in 2011, appearing in both the acclaimed sports Drama, Warrior, and the spy thriller, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

Jamie Foxx undoubtedly had one of the best years an actor can have, in which he swept the awards for both best actor AND best supporting actor, for his roles in Ray and Collateral. This was something only done by Al Pacino before him, and much like Al Pacino he won best actor but not best supporting actor at the Academy Awards.