10 Actors Who Were Digitally Resurrected For Movies (And How)


Sometimes actors pass away at inopportune moments like right before a movie is completed. This leaves the director and cast in solemn moods and poses obstacles such as what to do with the characters. Luckily technology can help digitally restore them.

Paul Walker was digitally restored thanks to technology and his two brothers in Fast and Furious 7.

Philip Seymour Hoffman was able to still be in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay using prior footage.

Peter Cushing was digitally restored for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story years later. Guy Henry, an actor who had similar facial features was used to get the mannerisms just right.

Ridley Scott shelled out $3.2 million so Proximo could still be around for the climax of his 2000 released movie Gladiator.

Sir Laurence Olivier was brought back from the dead to portray a villainous hologram.

Marlon Brando was brought back from Superman: The Movie to play in Superman Returns released in 2006.

Brandon Lee was killed in a tragic on-set incident where a live gun was fired. The filmmakers had to put in close to 600 extra hours and spend $8 million to finish the movie.

Roy Scheider passed away right before finishing Iron Cross. They had to use a latex mask and CGI to restore the actor.

Although Bruce Lee passed away five years prior to finishing Game of Death, the director still wanted to finish using doubles, prior footage, and a cardboard cutout of Lee’s face.

John Candy died of a heart attack on set in 1994 filming Wagons East. They had to use special effects to digitally move him from one scene to another and in another one used a previous scene and superimposed it with a different colored background.

It is unfortunate these actors died but cool that they lived on thanks to technology.