When you decide to become an actor, the fear of physical danger isn’t something you tend to concern yourself with. However, accidents happen, everywhere, including movie sets. All of the actors on our list never imagined how painful, playing pretend could be.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 actor Sylvester Stallone is a tough dude, but several roles, from Rocky to The Expendables almost took him out. Actors portraying superheroes can share more than a name with the character they’re playing, sometimes they share their characters physical pain. Spider-Man actor, Tom Holland, suffered an injury on the set of Spider-Man: Homecoming, while Jaimie Alexander, better known as The Lady Sif in the MCU, dislocated… just about every joint filming Thor: The Dark World. Jared Leto, the most recent version of the Joker, is well-known for his physical transformations, but one almost turned deadly.

Onetime Batman, George Clooney, broke a lot of bones playing a CIA agent in Syriana. While his frequent on-screen BFF, Brad Pitt, has two big boo-boos incorporated into his films. It’s not just them, several A-List actors give it their all; Leonardo DiCaprio and Daniel Craig sacrificed for their roles, their pain forever captured on celluloid.

One one thing all of our actors have in common is rising to the occasion. Well… after the occasion because during the occasion they were kind of hurt. Either way, after they healed up, some with minimal recovery and some with extended hospital stays, each of our actors realized the show must go on and they did what they did best.