10 Actors Who NEVER Liked Their Co-Stars In Real Life!


Your hearts are going to break once you hear about your favorite actors who never actually got along in real life. From the afamed Gilmore girls to Game of Thrones. We got it all. Click that subscribe button and let’s get started. All you Gilmore Girl fans are going to be disappointed to find out your beloved Lorelai and Luke actually didn’t like each other off camera. Ryan Gosling and McAdams fight from the first day on set and end up giving the performance of a century. Will Smith is not as fresh as you may think. He reportedly didn’t care about helping his cast members get paid more, he had Janet Hubert removed for trying. Serena and Blair, from Gossip Girl had to live life for years faking the fact they disliked one another. They did it all for the ratings. DiCaprio apparently, is far too immature for Claire Danes and Danes is too uptight for DiCaprio. R2-D2 and C-3PO, the beloved characters, who appeared in every star wars film, actually don’t have the greatest friendship fans believed them to have. Sophia Bush caught Chad Murray cheating with Paris Hilton and broke things off, but still had to work with him for five years on set of One Tree Hill. Mad Max, turned Hardy crazy on set causing him to ignore cast and crew while he mumbled to himself while staying in character. Hardy and LeBeouf duke it out over some sort of unknown beef between the two. Game of Thrones, Queen of what we love to hate, actually is the sweetest person giving massages between takes. But her ex Flynn does not approve and caused havoc on set to the point they had to keep them separated at all times.