10 Actors Who Made Shocking Transformations For One Role Part 2


When making a film actors will have to portray some pretty intense characters. From victims of the holocaust to superheroes saving the world. Sometimes these roles take the actors on epic journeys into the psyche and physical world of their characters. Join us as we delve in and discover some actors who made some pretty shocking transformations for their roles. Hugh Jackman these days is known for his role as Wolverine but the lengths he took to bulk his body was intense. Jake Gyllenhaal is an actor not normally thought of when thinking of someone who transformed for a role, but he did for South Paw with a very intense boxing regiment. Daniel Craig not only transformed his body through fitness but his health by quitting smoking for this role. Edward Norton will most likely go down in history for his transforming role in American History X. Rooney Mara is an actor who also is not thought of that much, but her transformation in The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo took her to new levels. Robert Deniro in a role for Cape Fear was a defining moment for film and what it did for actors proceeding him. Jim Carrey is another one of those actors not thought of but for almost every role completely re-defines himself and he has done it again with an upcoming role. Min-Six Choi is not a universally known actor on the west but through the east is well known for his transformations. Hilary Swank in Boys Don’t Cry went to extreme lengths to prepare and perform her role as the character. Sir Patrick Stewart has once again solidified himself in the history books with his transformation for the role of Xavier by redefining what a superhero is.