10 Actors Who Did A Bad Job Playing Superheroes


Actors have a tremendous role to play in Superhero films. They have a loyal fan following and are extremely critical. Most of the time fans are more critical than they should be. They should in these moments sit back and just enjoy the film. But, in a lot of cases they are absolutely right. Some of these actors either didn’t prepare right or the stars didn’t align. No matter because that is such that is life. Make sure to subscribe to stay up to date. Let’s get started. Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor was by far the worse job playing the character. The ticks and weird movements just didn’t play over well. Oh Ryan Reynolds, you are brilliant as Deadpool and is why the Green Lantern didn’t work for you. You were just too much for that Superhero to handle. We forgive you. Shaquille O’Neal made super hero history as one of the top rate despised superheros ever. Seth Rogan is hysterical in the roles he plays and characters he voices, but none of that translated well when he played the Green Hornet. So hard to pick just one terrible superhero from the Joel Schumacher Batman series, so we picked them all. Edward Norton as the incredible Hulk was an incredible waste of time with every misstep in the Hulk’s traits and quirks. Ben Affleck as Batman is a vast improvement from his role as Daredevil. Halle Berry is a brilliant actress who landed an Oscar the same year she received a Razzie. Henry Cavill is perfect eye candy as Superman but when it comes to emotions there is not much else there. Last and certainly least, is the entire cast from Dragonball: Evolution. Another devastating blow to the comic book generation because this film stopped production on the franchise growing. Thank you for taking a look. Until next time. Make sure to smash that subscribe button. LEave us a comment below on what you think.