10 Actors Who Could Be The Next WOLVERINE



Let’s be real here. Nobody wants to see Hugh Jackman go, and we’d all prefer it if the character was retired from the movies. We all know that’s not going to happen though. So here are our ten picks for actors to replace Hugh Jackman as Wolverine after his 17 year stint with the character. Let us know what your favourites are remember to push that red button to subscribe for more.

Penn Badgly

We’re starting this list with the least likely candidate. While best known for his role in Gossip Girl, we think that Penn could surprise a lot of people. He’s certainly a good actor but he’s definitely been limited in what he’s been able to show us so far. He has spent so much time playing one character that he’s definitely got a little stuck.

Never the less, we think he’d make a great Wolverine. While he’s certainly on the thin side, so was Hugh Jackman when he first took the role as Wolverine – if he packs on some muscle and grows back that beard he’s certainly got the look to play the role.

He has the sharp features, he has the acting skill – now it’s just about whether he can make the audition.

Scott Caan

Keeping with the less likely for a moment is Scott Caan, the son of acting legend James Caan. While he doesn’t completely have the look you’d associate with Wolverine, he’s certainly someone who can pull off the tough guy attitude that Wolverine is known for.

That combined with slick backed hair and a decent beard and we can already see him taking on the role, despite being a little blond. While he’s best known for his roles in Hawaii Five-0 and Entourage we could see him tackling comic book movies pretty soon.

If we have one problem, its that like Penn Badgly, we haven’t seen him in many serious movie roles. That being said, Hugh Jackman was known only for his theatre career prior to getting cast as Wolverine – so anything is possible.

Norman Reedus

It should come as no surprise that we think Norman Reedus would be great at the clawed canuck. He has a gritty, outdoorsy look, a love of motorcycles and great acting skill to lend to the character. While he may be best known for shooting from afar, it’s hard to deny that the claws would suit him.

Most important is that Norman Reedus has endless likeability, in spite of his rough around the edge style characters. He’s able to fight with a charm and swagger that really resembles Wolverine in a lot of ways. It also helps that he’s not a giant 6 foot tall guy like Hugh Jackman – as Wolverine in the comics is actually pretty short.

While he’s certainly got his hands full with both the Walking Dead, and the upcoming video games “Death Stranding” – we’re sure he’d take the time out to play Wolverine if he was offered the chance.

Joe Manganiello

This guy is probably the most logical follow up to Hugh Jackman, like Jackman, he is a huge jacked man and may actually be even bigger. Best known for his portrayal of werewolf, Alcide Herveaux in ‘True Blood’ – Joe is definitely a guy who can bring that animalistic quality to Wolverine. Not only did he study wolves, like Hugh Jackman, in order to better perform his character – but he also has a very similar grizzled look to Jackman.

The main concern with casting him, however, is that he would be too much like Jackman in appearance and stature – which would make the inevitable comparisons to him so much more unfavourable.

But it would also mean that we’d live in a world where Flash Thompson and Wolverine are played by the same person..