10 Actors Who Became Superhuman For Superhero Movies


Actors and actresses alike sometimes go to extreme lengths to get the part that they want. The beloved Robert DeNiro packed on nearly fifty pounds of fat to play the part of boxing legend Jake Lamotta in the cinematic masterpiece “Raging Bull.” Matthew McConaughey, another silver-screen star, recently played a part in “The Dallas Buyers Club” in which he had to drop nearly forty pounds to look emaciated; that is something very unhealthy. These aren’t the easiest routes reaping movie roles, there is no question about that, but if you want a part as a super strong superhero, you have got to put in much more serious work in at gym, not to mention dealing with a variety of other factors.

Pushing yourself to your highest physical ability is very challenging. Pretend you decide to go out for a ten-minute run that eventually turn out to feel like a lifetime. Eventually your legs will begin to wobble like twigs holding up table-tops until you nearly pass out. In this segment, we found ten great actors that had adhered to strenuous workout regimes just to be able to play the parts of super-famous superhero’s. From Christian Bale to Ryan Reynolds, Halle Berry to Gal Gadot, we’ve found that filling the physiques of these comic book icons demanded a serious commitment to the weight-room as well as a very strict diet from these actors/actresses. Oh, and there are other elements involved in their preparation that will most likely surprise you, so look forward to those. These may not be the conventional ways to go about achieving a role in a film but thankfully these great performers made tremendous sacrifices for their fans. Talk about true job dedication.