10 Actors Who Are Superheroes In Real Life


There are many actors and actresses who play superheroes on set who do heroic deeds off-set as well. You don't need to be big, strong, or necessarily tough. Sometimes all it takes is being in the right place at the right time to do the right thing. Heroes come in all shapes and sizes.

Jennifer Lawrence helps a woman who passed out in front of her apartment complex in Santa Monica in 2012.

Jamie Foxx helped free a man from his car after he ran into a drainage ditch. The car eventually rolled and caught fire. Jamie luckily helped rescue him before this happened. Zoe Saldana helped a woman who got in a car accident after she witnessed it first-hand.

Kate Winslet was able to rescue Richard Branson’s 90-year-old mother at his house in the Caribbean. The house caught fire from a possible lightning storm and Winslet was right there to help. Gwyneth Paltrow unknowingly saved a woman’s life on 9/11 after she almost crashed into her. The woman missed her train that was going to the World Trade Center right after the first plane hit. Blake Shelton helped four young men escape a mud hole near the Oklahoma river pulling them out with his tractor. Ryan Gosling saved a writer from getting hit by a taxi as she was about to cross 6th Avenue in New York City.

Harrison Ford rescued two different hikers in the same year in his helicopter as he was living on his ranch near Jackson, Wyoming.

Tom Holland, the new face of Spider-Man, stopped fighting crime for a little bit to bring some joy into the lives of children in hospitals.

Gal Gadot was a member of the Israel Defense Forces and was five months pregnant during part of the filming for Wonder Woman making her a real life superhero.