10 Actors Who Are Lucky To Be Alive After An Acting Role


Ashton Kutcher gets hospitalized two days before shooting Jobs with problems in pancreas do to fruitarian diet. Christian Bale loses 60 lbs dropping him to 121 lbs in his role for The Machinist where he is emaciated, frail, and looks like he might keel over at any minute due to starvation. Daniel Day-Lewis caught Pneumonia on set of Gangs of New York and would have died unless he sought medical attention. Isla Fisher almost drowned in Now You See Me from which her chain she was supposed to escape from became stuck and had to use the safety switch plus the help of a nearby stuntman to escape. Michael J. Fox almost really hung to death in the making of Back to the Future Part III. Sylvester Stallone took such a hard punch from Dolph Lundgren in Rocky IV his heart swelled and had to spend eight days in the hospital. Margaret Hamilton received second and third degree burns on her hands and face during the making of The Wizard of Oz. Tom Cruise was almost killed by Emily Blunt during the making of Edge of Tomorrow. She was driving a car with him as the passenger and they ran into a tree. While filming The Expendables 3 the brakes in a truck Jason Statham failed and he had to dive out of the vehicle before plummeting into the sea. Halle Berry almost choked on a piece of fig filming Die Another Day but Brosnan performed the heimlich maneuver on her potentially saving her life.