10 Actors Who Are Known For Roles They Regret


There are tons of movies out there that are really bad. Actors end up regret making these movies later on and have come out and said.

Robert Pattinson is most notorious for his role as Edward Cullen in the Twilight series and hated every moment of it.

George Clooney is probably the worst actor to portray Batman thus far and he knows it.

Halle Berry’s career was almost ruined when she portrayed the infamous Catwoman.

Matt Damon couldn’t stand the script for The Bourne Ultimatum calling it a career ender.

Shia Labeouf said he dropped the ball in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal skull.

Ben Affleck wanted to take on the role of Batman because he wanted to make up for the disastrous Daredevil released in 2003.

Mark Wahlberg couldn’t stand his role in The Happening released in 2008.

Carrie Fisher eventually came out and said she hated being Princess Leia even though Star Wars was a smash success.

Jessica Alba wanted to quit acting after she appeared in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer which probably would have been okay with a lot of people.

Bill Murray accidentally signed on for the animated Garfield which he later came out to say it was his biggest regret in film.

Sometimes projects just don’t turn out how the director or actors think. Regrets are bound to happen at some point in Hollywood.