10 Actors Who Almost Played The Joker


It’s one of the juiciest roles in comic book history. DC’s The Joker is a fan favorite and one of the most iconic villains of all time. Even if you’re not into comic books or comic book films, you have without doubt heard of the Joker. An unhinged maniac, he’s the Dark Knight’s ultimate foe, continuously going toe to toe with him. He’s already been portrayed by a small handful of actors, including voice work and on screen performances, which range from beloved to controversial. Naturally, many actors have auditioned for the coveted role of the clown prince of crime, which would’ve made for some interesting performances if they actually landed the role. Here are Screenrant’s choices for 10 popular actors who almost played the joker! Before we get started, can you guess the movie that is represented by these emojis? Stay tune for the answer and don’t forget to hop into your batcaves and hit the like and subscribe buttons to stay up to date with all things screenrant.