10 Actors Hollywood Won't Cast Anymore


We all want to be a famous actor, right? People mistakenly think that breaking into Hollywood is the toughest part of becoming a celebrity. While achieving your big break is certainly a journey upward, it is not the hardest part. Sure, you might be famous for a few years because you were on a hit TV show, or starred in a movie that broke box office records. But that doesn’t mean that your fame is sealed and that you can book any role you desire. Being an actor in Hollywood is a cutthroat business, and if you don’t play your cards right, you’re doomed to possible oblivion. The saying, “You’ll never work in this town again” isn’t just a veiled threat. Depending on who you work with, it’s a very real possibility. Not only is it important to work well with people, but it is crucial that you keep your public image intact. Otherwise, you might end up on the cutting room floor.

In this video, you will meet ten actors Hollywood won’t cast anymore. The actors on this list were once at the top of the Hollywood food chain, and they were booking roles left and right. However, something happened. The actor might have said something to anger a big wig, or they took too long of a hiatus, or they made the news for doing something horrible. These actors have made it so it is too much of a risk to cast them, as it would mean lost money and lost connections in the business.