10 Actors Forced Into Awkward Situations For Just One Scene


The behind the scenes of any film won’t exactly go smoothly all of the time, but there are some scenes which end up going that little bit further. Sometimes film scenes end up forcing actors into really awkward situations. And most of them seem to be of a sexual nature, because it turns out acting out a sex scene with a whole cast and crew staring at you and telling you what to do is hardly an aphrodisiac. And, well it’s just plain awkward most of the time.

For instance, Margot Robbie punched her co-star Alexander Skarsgard whilst filming their love scene in The Legend of Tarzan, and how Robbie also got drunk, kicked Leonardo di Caprio in the face, and ended up with a back full of paper cuts following their sex scenes in The Wolf of Wall Street. Likewise, Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt had a bit to drink to loosen up for their scene in Passengers. And Anne Hathaway accidentally flashed the entire set during a rehearsal take of Love and Other Drugs. Sharon Stone was just as shocked by her flashing the audience in Basic Instinct as we were. And apparently kissing scenes aren’t much better, as Rupert Grint and Emma Watson will tell you from their on screen kiss in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Zac Efron fell filming the beach run in Baywatch, Nick Frost hated his football shirt in Hot Fuzz, and the auditions held for Spider-man, but not for the role you’d think.

These are our picks for ten actors forced into awkward situations for just one scene.