10 Actors Caught In Awkward Moments With Their Co-Stars


Acting is a very strange profession. You’re out in the spotlight, but very few people know who you actually are. As a result it’s easy to get put into some awkward situations by both reporters, directors and other actors. After all you become famous as an actor by being someone other than you. It’s easy for people to get an idea in their head of how they should approach you, or what situations they should put you in without ever knowing if it’s appropriate.

Today we’re going to be looking at the times that actors and celebrities got caught up in awkward moments with their co-stars. While the most obvious example of this is the recent 2017 Oscars flub, which Mahershala Ali described as being very uncomfortable, because he didn’t want to take away from that moment. We’re instead going to talk about some less obvious examples.

We’ll be looking at reporters asking annoying questions, and getting suitable responses, like from Tom Hardy and Scarlett Johansson. We’re also going to get to see Robert Downey Jr. laugh at other people’s misfortunes. We’ll even think about every conceivable thing that could run through James McAvoy’s mind while he musters the courage to kiss Angelina Jolie on their first ever meeting.