10 Actors Caught Faking It On Screen


There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to make movies come alive. Today, we’re going to delve a little deeper into those moments.

Henry Cavill had to be strung up in the air with wires to simulate him flying. Even his cape was created using CGI. Mark Ruffalo looked like he had black chicken pox behind the scenes with all the motion capture dots he had on his face. Not to mention his futuristic looking spandex suit. Andy Serkis also had to don a spandex suit in order to portray Caesar in the remade Planet of the Apes movies. Also equipped with four cameras atop his head to get all of his facial features. Heath Ledger was strung up on what seemed to be a rafter for one of the final scenes in The Dark Knight. In the film he was really up on top of a building. Life of Pi was almost completely filmed inside a specially designed wave pool to resemble the ocean. Sandra Bullock didn’t really know what Gravity looked like as most all of it used visual effects and she couldn’t see what everyone else could. Leo DiCaprio was captured on camera behind the scenes which he was walking what was supposed to be a vertical street in Inception. Standing on what looked like a steel cage with a green screen in the background. Matt Damon played Mark Watney in The Martian and had a couple pictures of him taken backstage in his spacesuit and green screen behind him while he was standing on what was supposed to be Martian soil. Benedict Cumberbatch has a picture of him and Rachel McAdams behind the scenes when he is about to leave the hospital with his sling ring. The portal was created using a green screen as well a circular contraption with a bunch of lights attached to it. Bill Nighy had motion capture dots on his face and a motion capture headband when he portrayed Davey Jones in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Did you know about any of these behind-the-scenes moments?