10 Actor Replacements That Killed The Show


Most of us love television shows because of the amazing effects, moving storylines, and awesome captivating actors. The thing that keeps us coming back are the characters we get attached to. In that process, we find ourselves picturing no one else but the actors and actresses who play the role. But sometimes things happen, and for some reason or another, a character has to be recast. Whether that be contracts being up, conflicts between cast and producers, or even the tragic loss of an actor’s life.

Sometimes, shows are able to continue one and fans are able to adjust to the changes. Other times, the changes are just too much and viewership declines because it’s just not the same.

We have compiled a list of such cases and we will be reviewing them in our video.

The popular show The Office made Steve Carell an even more popular household name. When he left to pursue his film career, he was replaced by James Spader. Although Spader is a phenomenal actor, the show just wasn’t the same without Carell’s Michael Scott at the helm.

If we go back a few years, the hit show, That ‘70s Show was also hit with not one but two major players leaving the show. Topher Grace and Ashton Kutcher left the show, leaving a big hole in the casting which was filled by Mad TV alum, Josh Meyers. Again, the feel just wasn’t there and the show only survived one season after that.

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