New Video For Wolverine Showcases Popular Mutant Characters

Every day we’re seeing new TV spots, images and clips for the upcoming 20th Century Fox production of X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

With only a week and a half away till the movie’s premiere, the studio’s marketing department is throwing everything at us to draw in the crowds for that ever-important opening weekend. The movie has to make big bucks opening weekend because the weekend after comes Star Trek … and the weekend after that Angels & Demons, then Terminator Salvation, then Up and the list goes on and on as the summer tent-pole season begins with Wolverine's origin story.

There are quite a few TV spots out there for the Marvel Comics-based superhero movie and we’ve covered most of them here on Screen Rant. The remaining few TV spots which focus on characters like Emma Frost are featured in this USA Weekend exclusive video which combines scenes from many of the character profile videos that have been made available online this week.

Watch and see what you think:

I really enjoy this video. I think they’ve cut the good parts from many of the spots and put them together nicely for this teaser. I hope this movie entertains me more than X3 did and I hope the characters we see here are portrayed well in the movie (as best they can knowing what we already know about certain character alterations).

Want more videos? Check out these six X-Men Origins: Wolverine character introduction videos that feature Wolverine, Sabretooth, Agent Zero, John Wraith, Wade Wilson and Gambit.

What do you think of the trailer and will you be there May 1st?

Source: USA Weekend

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