Tom Cruise Falls Fast and Furious Through Multiple Movies

Tom Cruise Falls Through Other Movies

Few '80s movie stars have had worldwide box-office staying power as strong as Tom Cruise. Fueled by still ongoing franchises like Mission: Impossible and, apparently here-to-stay newer franchise Jack Reacher, the actor has his feet planted in the action genre. Even after jumping Oprah's couch, War of the Worlds went on to become one of his most profitable films.

The producer/actor is currently in post-production on this summer's The Mummy, a film with high hopes to resurrect the Universal Monsters brand, while rejuvenating Cruise's seemingly ageless appeal. As first seen in the December trailer, this modernized adaptation of the 1932 classic features a stomach-dropping free fall from an airplane disaster that looks to rival Cruise's stunt on Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. Now, get ready to for Tom Cruise's ultimate base jump, into some of your favorite movies.

YouTube mad-scientist DrMachakil, whose entertaining movie mash-ups have utilized Tom Cruise in the past, has massively messed with the actor's Vanilla Sky plummet. The result features an often digitally altered free fall into Star Wars: Attack of the ClonesLord of the Rings: The Two TowersFurious Seven, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanThe Avengers, and Con Air while stealing liberally from Jerry Maguire and Mission Impossible 3. The gleeful heads-up came from Austin's Film School Rejects, so don't be surprised if this short plays before The Mummy in Alamo Drafthouses across the country.

Tom Cruise Falls Through Other Movies

The screams you hear in the montage come from the original sequence in Vanilla Sky but also utilize the audio from the Mummy trailer. The amateur editor is meager about his skills, proclaiming he's "not a post-production expert," but the guy has a definite eye for assembly. He also has a wicked sense of humor, as this is as much an exposé of the heady scene from Cameron Crowe's 2001 remake of the superior Abre Los Ojos as it is a commentary on the actor's smug attitude in Jerry Maguire. Check out some of the YouTuber's other work for similar satires of additional stars cross-confronting their various movie characters.

This isn't the first time Cruise has popped up unexpectedly in other people's films.  His cameo roles in Austin Powers in Goldmember and Tropic Thunder were memorable (the later earning him a Best Supporting Actor Golden Globe nomination). His good-sport, sense of humor made them enjoyable. Should Cruise come across this particular movie mash-up, maybe he can put in a good word to the producers of this year's Oscars, who could use a buzz-worthy montage to lighten up this year's nominees.

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