VIDEO: Stan Lee Reflects On His Love Of The Fans

In a never-before-seen video, Stan Lee, who passed away this week, expresses his love for Marvel fans and shares his thoughts on fandom.

A recent video has been shared in which the late Stan Lee reflects upon the love he had for his Marvel fans. The legend passed away on Monday, November 12. As one might imagine, Lee's passing was immediately followed by an enormous public outpouring of grief from his friends, fans, and colleagues.

Lee has been an important member of the Marvel family since the very beginning. He worked with Jack Kirby, who passed away in 1994, to create many of the most popular characters, including the Fantastic Four, Hulk, Iron Man, and more. Lee eventually moved out from behind the scenes to become the face of Marvel Comics, and enjoyed appearing in humorous cameos in various Marvel movie projects. Over the years, he's shared many meaningful words of wisdom, and these latest comments are no different.

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In the newly released video, which was shared on Lee's verified Twitter account, a person off camera tells him how much the fans love him and his sense of humor. Lee then takes the opportunity with the camera set up to share his own feelings about the special relationship he shares with comic book fans.

"Well, it's an equal love — a love fest. Because I love my fans. I cannot tell you how much I love my fans. They... sometimes at night I'm sitting here and I'm thinking, "Ah, what's it all about?" You know... and then I get a letter from a fan or I read something or I see something, or I remember something, and I realize: It's so lucky to have fans, fans who really care about you. And that's the reason I care so much about the fans. Because they just — they may me feel so great. And there's something, if you think about it, that is so wonderful about somebody caring about you as I care about them. Whom you've never met. Who may live in another part of the world. But they care, and you have something in common. And occasionally you contact each other. And this business of fans I think is terrific. And I love 'em all." 

Lee's relationship with his fans was unparalleled. He was of course a regular on the convention circuit, and was famous for his love of interacting with his supporters, as evidenced by all the smiling photos and personal stories many shared about meeting Stan following his death. That changed in the past year, as the aging legend opted to reduce his public appearance schedule, and eventually stop making them altogether. Despite that, the beloved writer and creator has never stopped expressing his love for his fans, even sharing a message apologizing for his absence from San Diego Comic-Con.

In the wake of his death, not only have his fans shared their sorrow, but many of the actors, creators, and executives involved in the MCU have expressed their love of Lee. The six actors who starred in the 2012 film The Avengers shared a group message in The Hollywood Reporter, and editors at Marvel Comics contributed to a video that celebrated his life. Clearly, Lee had an impact on the lives of everyone around him - they were all his fans, and therefore, this message is to all of them.

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Source: Stan Lee/Twitter

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