Video Interview: Harold Ramis Talks Ghostbusters 3

The long awaited and much speculated about Ghostbusters 3, has had a bumpy ride over the years. Rumors, speculation, interviews, fact and fiction have all been thrown around about a third movie in the franchise. Its "Maybe... at some point" status has been rather frustrating for fans who want to see the ghost busting team back together once more.

Most of the rumors and general talk about a Ghostbusters 3 movie has been in print or online, but today (thanks to MakingOf) we have a video interview with Dr. Egon Spengler himself (a.k.a Harold Ramis) talking about the movie. Ramis talks about such things as the status of the movie at the moment (how the other key players are feeling about it, if there's a spec script written and so forth), the audience appetite for another one after so many years since the disappointing second one, and how he would like the movie to turn out like (mentioning such things as the special effects and general style).

It's an interesting interview with Ramis, particularly for those who are dying to see another Ghostbusters movie on the big-screen. Oh, and you might get a kick out of hearing Ramis slam a movie or four when talking about today's special effects/animation. You can check out the seven minute video below:

I can certainly be lumped in with the movie fans out there who want to see another Ghosbusters movie. Although the second movie was really quite disappointing (especially when you consider how great the first one is), the characters and the whole mythology are so good that I think another go at it is a great idea.

Also, surely I can't be the only one who wants to see these classic ghost busting characters having aged as the actors obviously have - just where is the ghost busting team now, and what have they been up to all this time? I really want to find out!

Are you looking forward to a Ghostbusters 3? Do you think the movie should keep the technology low-tech, or make use of the special effects that are possible with today's technology?

Ghostbusters 3 is still in the development stages and doesn't have a release date as of yet.

Source: MakingOf (via /Film)

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