14 Video Games Confirmed To Come Out In 2019 (And 12 Possibilities)

The Last of Us Part II Ellie and Joel

The world has never before been populated with such an abundance of media. Even if one was able to irk their job, responsibilities, family, and friends, they still could not even scratch the surface of all there is to see. Most of the entertainment is worthwhile, making this notion all the more painful.

Yet, with all that is available at the push of a button or the whisper of a voice command, people always want more. The beauty out on the horizon always looks more appealing than what surrounds us now. There is so much around to joyously occupy peoples' leisure time, but they still lick their lips in anticipation for the newest releases. Really, who can blame them? The future of pop culture is brighter than ever.

It is with this mind that we will ponder what gaming will present to the world in 2019. Throughout the next twenty six entries, we will get hyped on those games that have a definitive release date or window for next year, and those that we are crossing our fingers for. Of course, none of the titles with unconfirmed release dates should be rushed just to be completed this year if they are not ready, but fans' rational thinking goes out the window when they think of waiting for their most anticipated games.

Whatever ends up happening, it is a sure thing that 2019 is going to be a good year for fans of video games.

So have your secretary hold all of your calls, because here are the 14 Video Games Confirmed To Come Out In 2019 (And 12 Possibilities).

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26 Confirmed: Devil May Cry 5 (March 8th)

Devil May Cry 4 was celebrated upon its release, so fans were left scratching their heads when the franchise was rebooted in 2013 with DmC: Devil May Cry.

Ten years after the fourth entry, Capcom is finally setting things right with Devil May Cry 5.

With three playable characters, including Dante and Nero, this looks to be the franchise's biggest outing yet. Everything the developers have shown so far looks promising, with the classic game play looking more beautiful than ever. Dante has been missed, and it'll be good to have him back.

25 Possibility: Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite Master Chief Helmet

All 343 Industries has shown so far is one trailer at E3 2018, but it was enough to instill faith into Halo veterans everywhere. The small in-engine tease showed no game play, but it looked gorgeous.

At this time, there is no hint of a release date, though holiday 2019 is not hard to imagine. We can picture it now: a 30 minute E3 2019 showcase, concluding with the presenter saying "oh yeah, one last thing, it'll be available this holiday season," and the crowd goes wild.

24 Confirmed: Days Gone (April 26th)

Days Gone quietly showed up on the scene with a small trailer at E3 2016. Further interest was piqued when game play demonstrations featured the lead character fleeing a ferocious horde of zombies.

The developer, SIE Bend Studio, has a storied history with Playstation. They limped out of the gate with the infamous Bubsy 3D, but quickly proved they had the right stuff by releasing the classic Syphon Filter games. Their recent output has been on portable devices, with venerated titles such as Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror and Uncharted: Golden Abyss.

23 Possibility: Metroid Prime 4

It's been more than a year since Metroid Prime 4 has been announced, and still all fans have to hold themselves over with is a logo. Given how dormant the series has been in recent years, this tiny bit of information was enough to send fans into a frenzy.

With no new tidbits available about the mysterious title, one has to assume that the team is hard at work perfecting the long awaited follow up.

Knowing Nintendo, they could announce a direct at any moment that blows the doors wide open on the title, and sum it up with a late 2019 release date.

22 Confirmed : Shenmue III (August 27th)

Shenmue 3

Almost eighteen years after the second entry, Shenmue III is on track for an August release, proving that some dreams do come true. The original two titles were eons ahead of their time, making it interesting to see how audiences will react to this third entry.

Have video game conventions surpassed the franchise's previous innovations? Perhaps this will work in favor for the niche title, as it will be a refreshing turn away from the medium's clichéd tropes. Overly eager fans can revisit the classics with the recently released HD remasters in the meantime.

21 Possibility: Control

Remedy is finally going multi platform again for the first time since Max Payne 2, and it couldn't come at a better time. The developer is noted for their top notch story telling, and Control will be no exception.

Fans of Remedy's previous efforts will be delighted to know familiar faces are coming back. Courtney Hope from Quantum Break will be the lead character, while Alan Wake's voice actor, Matthew Porretta, will also play key part. The most surprising returning player is Max Payne himself, James McCaffrey, taking a key supporting role.

20 Confirmed: Dead Or Alive 6 (February 15th)

This long running franchise keeps fans coming back for more with its intricate fighting mechanics that are easy to pick up but difficult to master. There's also the scantily clad women with sometimes hyperbolic features, but that's secondary to the game play.

How does one convince their non-gaming friends that Dead or Alive really is a solid fighter and not just eye candy? Many fans will find themselves in this conundrum when the game launches on February 15th.

The answer, of course, is to hand them a controller for some one-on-one matches.

19 Possibility: Gears 5

Gears of War 5

The fifth entry in the legendary Microsoft series gets right to the point with its title. The second someone says "gears," everyone knows what they are talking about.

The new title will put players in the shoes of Kait Diaz as she digs deeper into the mystery of her family and the Locust's origins. As expected, Cooperative play will be featured. There's still no word on a hammy orchestral rendition of "Madworld", though, but it'll probably make its way in there. A 2019 release was promised, but no exact date has been announced.

18 Confirmed: Jump Force (February 15th)

Jump Force is the Super Smash Brothers for manga fans. If you told a Shonen Jump reader that a game like this would be a reality several years ago, they would never have believed it. Yet here it is, coming to gamers just  two months into next year.

At the moment, there are twenty four characters announced spanning ten different series. By the time it comes out, there may be additional surprise characters. However, the roster is already incredible with what has been revealed so far. Anime games are on the rise, so Jump Force's success is almost a sure thing.

17 Possibility: Bayonetta 3

Bayonetta 3

This is all thanks to Nintendo for keeping gaming's favorite witch alive. Unfortunately, this means that only Nintendo Switch players will be able to experience Bayonetta 3 when it finally comes out.

One would not expect the family friendly company to take an interest in the character, but the series' unbridled creativity and wackiness is right in line with the legendary company's philosophy.

Bayonetta's third outing does not have a release window, but when it does come, one can be assured that it will be a butt-kicking adventure for the ages, just not for all ages.

16 Confirmed: Rage 2 (Spring Of 2019)

Sorry to disappoint, but this entry will not feature a musical performance by Andrew W.K.. Instead, this entry will excite by reminding everyone that the game is only several months away. Bethesda's website slates the game for a spring 2019 launch.

The original Rage is an underrated Id Software gem from 2011. This new entry is being cooked up by Avalanche Software, who are most famous for the Just Cause series. If spring is too long of a wait, then tide yourself over with Just Cause 4, releasing this December.

15 Possibility: Luigi's Mansion 3

Luigi's Mansion 3

The original Luigi's Mansion was a trade off for the lead character. Sure, he finally starred in a great game all his own, but it also cemented his cowardly personality. The exchange was ultimately worth it, though, since Nintendo is treating fans to a third entry in the series more than fifteen years later .

The spooky game was just recently announced at a Nintendo Direct, and details are still sparse. If it does not end up coming out in 2019, fans can bide their time with the 3DS re-release of the original Luigi's Mansion.

14 Confirmed: The Sinking City (March 21st)

The sinking city

Frogwares, based in the immaculately beautiful city of Kyiv, Ukraine, has made a name for itself with their numerous Sherlock Holmes titles.

Their newest venture, The Sinking City, seeks to make a compelling open world detective game in an H.P. Lovecraft-inspired setting.

If the ambitious project pays off, Frogwares is going to be a name players hear a lot more of in the future. The title definitely has originality on its side, since the market is not flooded with supernatural detective games set in the 1920s. The Sinking City will hit the marketplace on March 21st.

13 Possibility: Psychonauts 2


The original Psychonauts was appropriately venerated for its creative brilliance by critics, but it had trouble moving units off of store shelves. Because of this, a sequel was only made possible through crowdfunding.

Double Fine's fundraising campaign managed to accumulate almost four million dollars, ensuring that a second part was in the bag. The project was initially announced in 2015, and little has been heard since then. The studio's founder, Tim Schafer, has said the game is on track for a 2019 release. Hopefully nothing gets in the way of this becoming a reality.

12 Confirmed: Anthem (February 22nd)

Anthem Exosuit

BioWare has some work to do in order to recoup the trust it  lost with some fans due to Mass Effect: Andromeda's troubled release. When Anthem launches on February 22nd, the healing may begin.

While the title is a departure from the narrative focused, epic single player outings of the studio's past, BioWare still promises a deep lore in which fans can lose themselves. Even without a compelling story, the unique game play looks to be immensely satisfying, according to the lucky few who have tried it out. It may not be a new Dragon Age, but folks should keep an open mind towards this new IP.

11 Possibility: Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal gameplay QuakeCon 2018

The year 2016's Doom made the old new again by reminding everyone what makes the brutal first person shooter so special. It may have modern graphics, but it feels like a classic Doom experience.

Doom Eternal looks like it'll do what is expected of a great Doom sequel - amp up the carnage two fold.

There's a new setting, more demons, and more creative ways of sending them back to hell. Other developers can learn a lot from Id if they too are trying to revive old franchises. A good reboot should not adapt to modern tropes, but accentuate what made the original timeless.

10 Confirmed: Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes (January 18th)

Travis Strikes Again, No More Heroes

Among the first batch of games announced for the Nintendo Switch was a new No More Heroes experience. Few details were given, but Suda 51 himself took to the stage in order to reveal the title personally.

Now there are only a few months to wait until this unique creation becomes available. The story involves the titular protagonist being sucked into a game console and having to go through the games as himself. Suda 51 worked with other indie developers on the project in order to perfect the feel of each game play mechanic.

9 Possibility: Wasteland 3

Wasteland 3

For some fans, the Bethesda Fallout titles just don't scratch the same itch that the old isometric games did. Thankfully, Wasteland 2 came at the right time to fill the void.

Fortunately, gamers will not have to wait another twenty six years to receive a followup, as Wasteland 3 has been announced. The title will likely see a release next year, but no date has been confirmed. When it does come out, people can expect that same classic game play in a new giant open world filled with grueling battles, branching story paths, and nearly endless replay value.

8 Confirmed: Metro: Exodus (February 22nd)

The subtitle "Exodus" is analogous to the developer's story. The 4A games emigrated from their majestic home city of Kyiv to the island country of Malta. Despite the move, Metro: Exodus is still bringing that same Slavic spirit of somber, poetic storytelling. The third Metro game looks to significantly expand the scope of the series, as its prior two titles were set in the ruins of Moscow.

Now, Artyom, the lead character, sets off on a year long journey east.

The varied landscapes and regions should be more than enough to make this third entry really something special.

7 Possibility: Wolfenstein: Young Blood

Wolfenstein Youngblood

Wolfenstein: The New Order was a great first person shooter to usher in the current generation of consoles. Its sequel, The New Colossus, blew everyone away with its riveting story that echoed themes from Man in the High Castle.

There is no Wolfenstein 3 in sight, but fans will be able to feast on a meaty DLC campaign in the near future. This time, players will take the role of BJ Blazkowicz's twins daughters in Nazi occupied France during the 1980s. For the first time in the series, cooperative play will be included. No release date is in sight, but 2019 is a safe bet.

6 Confirmed: Kingdom Hearts III (January 25th)

No, it's not a spinoff, a drill, or a cruel joke. Kingdom Hearts III is real and has a release date. As release edges closer and closer, it looks like there will be no delays or unfortunate surprises.

Square Enix has at least been kind enough to conveniently bundle up the entire series into one package so eager fans and newcomers can experience the whole series before early 2019. Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far includes more than enough content for people to keep themselves busy until January 25th rolls around.

5 Confirmed: Crackdown 3 (February 15th)

Microsoft Crackdown 3 No More Delays

After all this time, Crackdown 3 is finally nearing the finish line. The public got its first look at the title all the way back in 2014. They were told it was an early version of the game, but few expected they would really have to wait five years to get their hands on it.

Originally slated for 2016, the project was met with several delays during its development.

The wait looks like it will have been worth it, especially since Terry Crews is the voice and likeness of the player character.

4 Possibility: Cyberpunk 2077

In January of 2013, the first teaser to Cyberpunk 2077 was released. Then, the game went dark for nearly five years, save for continued confirmation of its existence. Finally, a new trailer was released at E3 2018, and it looks like everything fans of the niche Cyperpunk genre were hoping for.

With a project of this scope, it's hard to guess when it will eventually come out, but our fingers are crossed for 2019. CD Project Red has consistently knocked it out of the park with their titles, and Cyberpunk 2077 looks to be another grand slam.

3 Confirmed: Resident Evil 2 (January 25th)

The upcoming Resident Evil 2 remake looks to expand upon the legendary survival horror title in a more significant way than the GameCube remake of the original Resident Evil did. The game play will utilize an over the shoulder camera and the cinematics shown thus far rival those of Hollywood movies.

The original Resident Evil 2 still holds up, so this remake truly has to bring something new and unique to the table to be worth while. Judging by what we've seen, the game is not only a fresh take on a classic, but also the next step forward for the franchise.

2 Confirmed: New Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing

On September 13th, Nintendo dropped a surprise by revealing that work was underway on an Animal Crossing for the Nintendo Switch.

A new addition to the storied franchise on the current generation console was a no brainer, but the news was still exciting.

At the moment, there is little known about the title, but simply pondering what the playful town simulator can do with the Switch's capabilities is enough to keep fans up at night. The developer was at least kind enough to say the upcoming game will hit sometime in 2019.

1 Possibility: The Last Of Us Part II

The Last of Us Part II gameplay trailer E3

Since Crash Bandicoot, there has not been a single dud in Naughty Dog's catalog. Among all of those celebrated titles, The Last of Us stands an especially impactful game. Its story is a series of gut punches perfectly punctuated by intense game play.

The developer is now hard at work on the anticipated follow up. Knowing Naughty Dog, they will not even hint at a release window until they are certain that the title will be the best is can possibly be. While 2019 would be ideal, we are willing to give the famed studio all of the time it needs.


Which of these games are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments!

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