19Overwatch – Items from The Thing 

Overwatch is filled with movie references from The Terminator to Frozen, but one you may not have noticed is the reference to the 1982 film The Thing.

Ecopoint: Antarctica, an arcade mode map within Overwatch, is a research station much like the one in

The Thing. The station’s research team once included six members, whose names are listed on cryogenic pods in the game. One of the pods, is labelled Macready with an American flag on it. The name Macready is the same name as the American pilot and star of The Thing.

In the crew’s quarters there is also a game of chess displayed on the computer monitor, with a bottle next to it. This is a reference to a scene in The Thing where Macready, played by Kurt Russell, loses virtual chess to the computer and pours whiskey into its disk drive.

These Easter eggs have convinced some players that Mei, the sole survivor from her team, is actually the Thing from the 1982 film. In the left side corridor of the left spawn room, you can look through a window and see the same ice block that the Thing thawed out of. Coincidence?

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