14Tails - Sonic the Hedgehog 2

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Companions and sidekicks can be greatly useful in video games if used properly and if the characters themselves are engineered to keep up with the main hero. When it comes to Sonic the Hedgehog's best friend, Tails, he's anything but great. Miles Prower, aka Tails, first appeared in Sonic the

Hedgehog 2 in the early '90s and he's remained a thorn in most gamers' sides ever since.

He gets his name from having two tails instead of one, and although he's quite cute and funny from time-to-time, and is also one of the most popular characters from the whole Sonic franchise, Tails doesn't contribute much to the overall gaming experience and is much weaker than Sonic. Bottom line: no one should have to play as Tails.

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