10 Video Game Bosses That Are Stronger Than Fans Thought (And 10 Way Weaker)

Over the past several decades, video games have taken the media industry by storm, bringing countless hours of entertainment to the screens at people's homes.

Unlike movies, video games have a seemingly endless amount of possibilities and new experiences for the player to explore. Rather than wrapping up a story in less than two and a half hours like most movies, video games tend to have a central story arc that lasts a whopping 20 hours, and that's not even including side quests.

One of the best parts about modern day video games is the heart that we see in the narratives, the characters they meet along the way, and the effects these have on the challenges.

Because of these detailed narratives that video games now include, it gives players a certain level of expectation when they are facing off against a boss. If the entire game is setting up one enormous villain, players expect this final boss battle to be quite a challenge.

For better or for worse, some video games tend to subvert players' expectations by making bosses stronger or weaker than man people would have initially expected.

Sometimes this can be a good surprise, as it may make a seemingly impossible challenge simple, or a seemingly simple challenge quite difficult to get past.

However, these can also be negative surprises that can ruin the game for nearly everyone playing.

With that said, here are the 10 Video Game Bosses That Are Stronger Than Fans Thought (And 10 Way Weaker).

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Skolas Destiny House of Wolves
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20 Stronger: Skolas - Destiny: House of Wolves

Skolas Destiny House of Wolves

The Destiny video games aren't easy to beat by any means, but even for the standards of the Destiny series, the final boss of House of Wolves was incredibly hard to beat.

Players who typically worked alone had the hardest time fighting Skolas, as he was not meant for a single player fight.

Instead, groups of Destiny players would often have to team up to tackle this beast of a boss. Even then, Skolas would still prove himself to be problematic to defeat, with the battle itself often taking hours.

After realizing how burdensome Skolas was, the game's developer Bungie changed a few details of the fight in order to make Skolas a little easier to take down.

Despite this, he is still one of the most difficult bosses to ever be put in a video game.

19 Weaker: King Bob-Omb - Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 brought the world of Mario into the world of 3D gaming, which was still a frontier for video game developers to explore during this time, so a lot of what was featured in this game was new to video game fans.

One of the first bosses featured in the game was King Bob-Omb, a giant bomb with a crown and a mustache who looked incredibly menacing.

Despite his giant appearance, King Bob-Omb was incredibly easy to beat.

To defeat this massive King, all that Mario would have to do was grab him from behind and throw him.

King Bob-Omb wouldn't really do anything except walk around, making this boss fight a little too easy to get past.

18 Stronger: Simmons as a T-Rex - Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil 6 Simmons T-Rex

One of the most annoying parts of Resident Evil 6 for fans is the fight against Simmons after he turns into a T-Rex.

In the game, the villain Simmons would regularly transform himself in over-the-top ways to make himself more of a challenge, but this transformation may have been a little to much.

Granted, he was a T-Rex, so it shouldn't be too surprising that this was a hard form of Simmons to beat, but even considering this fact, this was one of the most annoying and difficult boss fights ever put in the Resident Evil series.

Not only was the T-Rex wildly overpowered, but his health was way too high, making him nearly impossible to beat. Even his roars could stun the players, which made the fight both difficult and annoying.

17 Weaker: Rodrigo Borgia - Assassin's Creed 2

Though Assassins' Creed 2 is widely considered to have one of the greatest narratives ever put in a video game, its climactic final battle is where it ultimately fell short.

Though most of the rest of the game posed to be quite a challenge, its main villain and final boss Rodrigo Borgia ended up being a lot simpler to defeat than most people had predicted, arguably ruining all of the set up this fight had received.

The most annoying part of this fight to fans was, despite Rodrigo being easy to beat, Ezio spares his life at the end of the boss fight, leaving this battle on a rather unfulfilling note.

While this was done to keep the game historically accurate, it was a disappointment to fans nonetheless.

16 Stronger: The Nameless King - Dark Souls 3

The Dark Souls franchise is filled with seemingly unbeatable foes, but the most difficult threat of them all has to be the Nameless King from Dark Souls 3. Even for a Dark Souls boss battle, the fight against the Nameless King is a truly strenuous one.

Following the pattern of nearly every video game ever created, most Dark Souls bosses have a pattern with their attacks, making beating them a little easier once you know what they're going to do.

The Nameless King, however, does not have a pattern. Instead, he just flies around attacking you randomly while the camera tries to catch up to him, making the entire experience difficult to follow.

Even if you do manage to take the Nameless King down, he immediately comes back for an even more challenging round two.

15 Weaker: Hoyt - Far Cry 3

Hoyt Far Cry 3

The entirety of the narrative for Far Cry 3 set up a final fight against Vaas, who was the central antagonist throughout the entire game.

However, many fans were surprised when the final fight was actually against some guy named Hoyt, who had not shown up at any point prior in the game.

This would've been a fine twist if Hoyt was actually a challenging final boss, but instead, he just appeared to be as easy to beat as any other standard boss throughout the rest of the game, making the climax of Far Cry 3 disappointing both for those looking for a good narrative and for those looking for a challenge.

Far Cry 3 received a lot of positive attention from critics, but that doesn't change the fact that the final boss battle of the game was a little too easy and didn't help to wrap up the detailed plot of the rest of the game.

14 Stronger: C'Thun - World of Warcraft

C'Thun World of Warcraft

When the Old God villain C'Thun was first added to World of Warcraft in 2006, he took players by storm with how truly powerful he was.

Despite only being an eye with teeth, C'Thun became the most challenging boss to ever be put into the World of Warcraft universe.

Even the toughest teams of players encountered great difficulty defeating C'Thun. C'Thun would randomly choose players who were battling him to instantly defeat, and he also had a green eye beam that would destroy all of a player's health in less than a second.

The game's developer Blizzard soon realized how difficult C'Thun was to beat and soon made the boss a lot simpler of a challenge to overcome.

13 Weaker: Big John - Viewtiful Joe 2

Throughout the entirety of Viewtiful Joe 2, the villain Big John became a bit of an annoyance. Big John was a T-Rex who loved to talk and was convinced he was part of an army who came back in practically every level of the game just to be beaten in the same way over and over again.

For a giant dinosaur with loaded weapons, Big John was shockingly easy to beat.

While this would make sense, as people starting the game wouldn't really be able to beat a dinosaur at full power, the fact that his abilities didn't change too much from level to level made his constant appearances even more annoying.

Big John had the chance to be a notorious villain who always stood in the player's way in Viewtiful Joe 2, but instead he just became an annoying side boss that no one really cared about.

12 Stronger: Motaro - Mortal Kombat 3

The Mortal Kombat series was full of unique enemies, but one of the strangest and most difficult to beat was Motaro from Mortal Kombat 3.

Motaro was unlike anything else fans had seen in the Mortal Kombat games, being some sort of mutated centaur with a long tail and some creepy horns.

Considering that he wasn't even a final boss, Motaro proved himself to be incredibly challenging to beat. Any energy or weapon attacks would do no damage to this beast, leaving the player with few options to take him down.

Not only was he hard to damage, but it was also hard to avoid taking damage from this monster.

His speed and massive amounts of strength made Motaro arguably an ever harder enemy to overcome than the game's actual final boss, Shao-Khan.

11 Weaker: God - The Simpsons Game

While it may not have gained the popularity of The Simpsons: Road RageThe Simpsons Game still proved itself to be quite entertaining with a rather unique concept.

The duration of the game featuring the Simpsons family acknowledging that they are in a video game, and eventually going on a journey to save Springfield from the video game-themed nonsense their friends are enduring.

Their journey eventually leads them to God himself, who ends up being the final boss of the game.

Unfortunately, rather than being an omnipotent or challenging boss like we would expect God to be, the Simpsons characters are easily able to beat him by playing against him in a game of Dance Dance Revolution.

While this was certainly a clever twist, it was disappointing as the final fight did not utilize any of the skills the players had acquired throughout the rest of the game.

10 Stronger: Mike Tyson - Mike Tyson's Punch Out

Mike Tyson's Punch Out!! Tyson Fight

Whereas the main duration of Mike Tyson's Punch Out was realistically challenging, the final fight against Mike Tyson himself proved to be unrealistically difficult.

First off, the game made Mike Tyson huge, being at least twice the size at the game's playable character Little Mac.

Secondly, when compared to every other boss in the game, Mike Tyson's character is incredibly overpowered, even for Mike Tyson.

Every punch that Tyson would blow had the potential to knock out Little Mac, and he gave very few (if any) opportunities for the player to punch back.

Even if the player did get a chance to throw in a punch, it was minuscule compared to the damage that Tyson himself would give.

9 Weaker: The Destroyer - Borderlands

The Destroyer Borderlands

The first Borderlands game took video game players by storm, with its challenging fights combined with its humor making the entire game into a fun experience.

Despite this, most players of the game admitted they were disappointed with the final boss.

After countless hours of gameplay, when the player finally reached the final boss, the Destroyer, they found the climax to be rather anti-climactic.

Rather than being a difficult foe to take down, the Destroyer has clearly visible weak spots and doesn't even change its position after being attacked.

All players would have to do was hit the Destroyer in the same spot a few times, and the final boss of this massive game would be easily defeated. For a boss with such a menacing name, the Destroyer went down a little too easily.

8 Stronger: Bowser - Super Mario 64

Bowser Super Mario 64

Bowser appeared as a boss a couple of times throughout Super Mario 64, but the final fight against the monstrous Koopa still goes down as one of the most challenging boss fights in video game history.

While Bowser could still be beaten by grabbing his tail and spinning him around, the stakes were raised when Bowser started breathing fire and the ground starting crumbling apart, leaving Mario to lose the fight with a simple misstep.

While Bowser is a bit easier to beat in the game today, he was a lot harder in this time period where 3D gameplay was still something new.

People who had grown up playing on a 2D platform had to adjust to these 3D fights, making Bowser almost impossible to beat for people who couldn't adapt.

7 Weaker: Bowser - Super Mario Galaxy 2

After years of Bowser being known as a challenging foe, the sequel to Super Mario Galaxy dropped the ball quite a bit.

While the gameplay of Super Mario Galaxy 2 was certainly a lot of fun, adding Yoshi to the mix, the final fight was where the game truly fell short.

For this final boss fight, Nintendo sacrificed the challenge of the last game for a more visually appearing experience.

The fight looked incredibly cool, featuring a Bowser larger and more powerful than we had ever seen before, but the entire fight pretty much only featured Mario dodging his attacks and nothing else.

The fight took a turn towards the ending, with Bowser coming back in a gravity-defying fight that certainly looked cool, but could easily be completed in 30 seconds.

6 Stronger: The Rebel Flagship - Faster Than Light

Rebel Flagship Faster Than Light

Faster Than Light became a rather challenging game for many fans, particularly due to the fact that the game would not save.

If a player lost their life, they'd have to start over from the beginning, which made the final boss fight against the Rebel Flagship incredibly annoying for many players.

Compared to all of the other enemies in Faster Than Light, the Rebel Flagship was incredibly overpowered, being equipped with lasers, ion cannons, and triple missiles.

This final boss would often send even the best players back to level one in less than a minute with its sheer strength.

Even after the Rebel Flagship was beaten, it would come back in a power surge, taking nearly everyone who played the game by surprise and sending them back to the beginning of the game all over again.

5 Weaker: The Human Reaper - Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 Human Reaper

Mass Effect 2 was a game filled with high stakes, especially during the climax of the game where the characters must go on their final missions that could cost all of them their lives.

Their missions are compromised when the final boss appears, menacingly named the Human Reaper.

Despite having a scary name and looking very threatening, the Human Reaper shockingly isn't threatening at all.

Disappointingly, this final boss of this fantastic game is able to be beaten with ease, arguably being one of the easiest enemies to beat in the entire game.

Though this horrible boss didn't stop Mass Effect 2 from winning a number of awards, including "Best RPG," the final fight was still a major disappointment to almost everyone who played the game.

4 Stronger: Psycho Mantis - Metal Gear Solid

Psycho Mantis - Best Video Game Bosses

Psycho Mantis from Metal Gear Solid is one of the most unique bosses to ever appear in a video game. Unless you know how to beat him, Psycho Mantis is absolutely unbeatable.

His telekenesis gives the player practically no control over Snake's movements, and his mind reading features make him able to predict every move you make.

Oddly enough, the only way to truly take down Psycho Mantis is to unplug your game controller and plug it into a different slot. This will confuse Psycho Mantis, making it a lot easier to take him down.

While Psycho Mantis is a simple boss once you learn this trick, he became irritatingly difficult to fight if you didn't figure out the trick.

Many people who never learned the truth about Psycho Mantis would battle him for hours with no luck.

3 Weaker: The Sorcerer - Shadow of the Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus Sorcerer

The final boss of Shadow of the Colossus is both a challenging and weak boss at the same time. Compared to the other bosses in the game, the Sorcerer is rather boring.

Rather than moving around to fight you, the Sorcerer remains in the same spot throughout the entire boss battle, making you simply dodge throughout the duration of the fight.

The Sorcerer did prove himself hard to beat, but not because of his strength. Instead, the entire fight was just annoying as he would knock you down with bolts, and then knock you down again after you get back up.

Though the rest of Shadow of the Colossus is fantastic, the lack of innovation for this final boss ruined the game for a number of players.

2 Stronger: Deathstroke - Batman: Arkham Knight

The Arkham video games are full of a number of challenging boss fights, but the most challenging fight was arguably one of the most unexpected.

Though Deathstroke is certainly a formidable foe, most people did not expect his boss fight to be the most strenuous.

Rather than taking on Deathstroke in hand-to-hand melee, or even with weapons as one might expect to see in a fight against this particular villain, players had to chase Deathstroke through the streets of Gotham using the Batmobile.

The real struggle of this fight was getting to Deathstroke, whose goons in tanks kept getting in between Batman and his foe throughout the boss battle.

It was a cool looking fight that was certainly a lot harder than people would have expected.

1 Weaker: Alduin - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Skyrim Alduin

Skyrim is still considered to be one of the greatest video games ever made, with its impressive RPG features and fighting abilities making people want to come back to replay it even 7 years after its initial release.

Despite this, the climax of the game's main plot was a bit of a let down, specifically the boss fight. While the location and build-up of the final fight against Alduin was certainly appealing, Alduin himself was a bit of a disappointment.

Despite being a god-like deity, Alduin was just about as easy to take down as any other dragon in the game.

He had few abilities that the other dragons of Skyrim did not have, making the final boss fight of this impressive game a lot simpler than it should have been.

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