Video Clip Roundup:'Limitless,' 'Source Code,' 'Insidious' & More

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Keeping in theme with the new regular consolidation posts like Friday's Movie Poster Roundup and Monday's Movie Image Roundup, we've decided to start a regular Video Clip Roundup on Wednesdays. So be sure to check back every Wednesday to see what clips were released by the studios for their upcoming films. Some people consider video clips to be a tad spoilerish as some studios tend to give away the best parts of their films in hopes of drawing a bigger crowd come opening day. However, others, like myself, find short clips an interesting way to get a better feel for a movie's overall tone that can sometimes be lost in a trailer.

In today's video clip roundup we have 26 scenes from 7 movies ranging from independent films showing at SXSW (South by South West) to mainstream action films releasing soon are are listed by release date: Limitless, Win Win, Insidious, Source Code, The Ward, Fubar: Balls to the Wall and The Divide.

Before we show you all the humor, drama, action, comedy and horror, we want to take a moment to honor an actor who left this world way before his time and was snubbed not once, but TWICE by the industry he worked in - Corey Haim. Take a moment to watch this touching tribute to Corey Haim below then be sure to check out the other clips on the following pages.

Corey Haim Memorial

After starring in more than forty productions including television shows and major motion pictures, actor Corey Haim was taken from the acting community by an overdose of prescription drugs. Haim is the first person in Hollywood to raise to stardom quickly only to fall hard from the limelight years later and then tragic die of drugs and unfortunately, he surely won't be the last. However, Haim holds the unique distinction of being snubbed by both the SAG Awards and the Academy Awards this year during their memorial tribute. Neither outfit could bother to find three seconds of time to honor the memory of Haim who was nominated for three Saturn Awards in the 90s and six Young Artist Awards in the 80s, two of which he won.

Though Haim went through a very rough patch in his life during the mid - late 90s he will still be remembered by fans everywhere for his roles in LucasLicense to Drive and of course the cult favorite The Lost Boys.

Source: Moviefone

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