Victor Crowley Trailer Resurrects the Hatchet Movies

Victor's back in the trailer for Victor Crowley - the fourth movie in the Hatchet franchise. In 2006, writer and director Adam Green made a name for himself in the world of horror with the slasher film Hatchet. Set in the swamp during Mardi Gras, the movie was a love letter to the slasher films of the last few decades. There was a final girl who would do anything to survive, plenty of people to get graphically butchered along the way, a fair amount of humor, and an inhuman killer who just wouldn't stay down. The film was popular and successful enough to spawn two sequels, Hatchet II in 2010 and Hatchet III in 2013.

Last August, fans of Hatchet went to a 10th anniversary screening of the film in Hollywood - or so they thought. To their surprise and delight, they were instead shown Victor Crowley, a new sequel which had been made entirely in secret. Green had written a script which reunited Kane Hodder - the most frequent portrayer of Jason in the Friday the 13th films - and General Hospital actor Perry Shen - the only two actors who appeared in all three previous films in the franchise.


Now horror fans can see the next installment for themselves, with Victor Crowley being released on VOD, digital platforms, blu-ray, and DVD February 6. In preparation for that, Dark Sky Films has released the trailer - seen above - showing that more than a decade later, Green's balance of humor and horror remain as alive as Victor Crowley himself.

Hodder once more plays Crowley, a man who was already deformed by an illness before being set on fire and getting hit in the face with a hatchet. Now he slaughters anyone who comes into his swamp, and just keeps resurrecting, no matter how many times he is killed. Shen meanwhile, is returning as paramedic Andrew Yong from Hatchet III, the only survivor of the three film massacre which claimed the lives of 49 other people - including two other characters played by Shen in the first two films. Yong has managed to scrape together a living by writing a book about his experiences with Crowley, a book that many people don't believe is real. But when circumstances bring him and several others back into the swamp, Yong will have to fight for his life once more.

The trailer demonstrates that Green has not lost his love of gore or humor, both of which served him well in the previous three films. Victory Crowley also continues another tradition from the rest of the franchise - the casting of actors famous for their roles in horror. The original trilogy featured roles played by horror icons such as Tony Todd, Danielle Harris, and Robert Englund. Victor Crowley carries on that torch with a role played by Sleepaway Camp star Felissa Rose.

Since 2017 was such an incredibly successful year in horror movies, with Get Out and IT being among the most searched movies on Google and Get Out receiving Golden Globe and SAG Award nominations, it seems likely that the trend could continue in 2018. And judging by this trailer, Victory Crowley is giving 2018 the jump start it needs to continue this current successful trend in horror.


Source: Dark Sky Films

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