Vice Principals Season 2 Full Trailer Hilariously Hunts for a Killer

Walton Goggins and Danny McBride in Vice Principals Season 1

The full trailer for season 2 of Vice Principals has been released online. The show is another step in HBO’s experiment in short-term storytelling, with a bit of a twist. For one thing, it’s a comedy. For another, it’s not a single-season limited series or an anthology. Instead, Vice Principals, coming from the creative team behind previous HBO comedy Eastbound & Down, was planned from the start to run for exactly two seasons, with the entire run of the series produced at the same time. Season 1 ran in the summer of 2016, and season 2 is on the way this fall.

An original teaser debuted earlier this month, hinting that the new season would be focusing on who exactly shot Neil Gamby (Danny McBride) at the end of the season and his quest for revenge on whoever that person may be. Now there’s a second preview clip, bringing that plot into even more focus.

The first full trailer for for Vice Principals season 2 debuted Sunday night on HBO, in between episodes of Game of Thrones, Ballers and Insecure, and was later released online. The minute-long clip for the new season, which starts September 17, expands on the theme of the previous teaser.

Walton Goggins and Danny McBride in Vice Principals Season 1

In the trailer, Gamby once again speaks in voiceover, about how “someone tried to commit first-degree murder against my body.” He’s later seen trying to solve the case – complete with CSI-like charts and blackboards- while also preparing sophisticated, unconventional weaponry in order to pursue his revenge. He’s also seen with erstwhile enemy Lee Russell (Walton Goggins). And throughout, there’s much screaming and other various tomfoolery, from the two leads as well as other characters in the cast. The new season is also referred to as “the final semester.”

The “who shot [X]?” formula is tried and true in television, most famously with Dallas at the end of its first season in the late ‘70s. But Twin Peaks did it too, as did The Simpsons in a famous arc ("Who Shot Mr. Burns?") that’s now nearly 25 years old. The formula may be old, but it has a long history of working.

The trailer also indicates that Vice Principals will look and feel much as it did in the first season, with a similar visual style, score and comedic spirit. And considering how well that all worked in the first half of the series, that can’t be that bad.

Vice Principals returns for its second season September 17, 2017, on HBO and its related streaming platforms.

Source: HBO

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